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Mobile validation

What is Mobile Validation? A mobile validation is a system in which one organization can authorize its customer's mobile number via sending an OTP or Call which will come to your device.     Why is an important mobile validation   Mobile validation is important because it used for your customer satisfaction. Because they will understand your product quality and it will help to increase your customer trust for the organization. Mobile Validation : Phone number validation helps you to reach and identify your customers and comply with relevant customers.  With real-time mobile validation, you can validate 10-digit telephone numbers at the point of capture to ensure you collect only accurate mobile numbers. Simply integrate mobile validation into your website or web-based application using our secure API               Mobile validation  Benefits of mobile validation Customer experience :  One of the most communication channels to communic

Missed Call Service – coupon delivery system - cloudshope

Missed call service is used by a lot of people nowadays since it is a cheap and useful service for lead generation and managing how the thing works for the organization with the help of missed call service in lead generation. Missed call  Missed call service is used by the organizations for the services like in e-commerce website verification services, customer surveys, lead generation and many other things but it is useful for itself in terms of the verification. Missed Call Service  If you want to learn more about missed call services read here… But, How missed call service is used in a coupon delivery system? Missed call service can be used to deliver coupon code to an authenticated user after verifying him using a missed call from his number. Missed call service coupon delivery is used in following manner:- First of all, a coupon delivery system is used when someone wants to deliver coupons to its customers in an automated fashion without

IVR - Multi level IVR

Multi-level IVR is a hierarchical menu structure that expands the capability of the system IVR Give your callers a personalized experience every time they call you. No more wasting time on IVR prompts that are not helpful.   Make callers aware of your brand with a customized IVR. Welcome them with your brand name, whenever they make a call. Multilevel IVR is an automated call response system that acts as an auto-receptionist with several self-help features in it.   IVR comes out to be beneficial for both the business and the customer. Use Case Multi level IVR is used by the customers in the education field by the users in this field customers are in education sector Virtual numbers will allow the schools to publish one number everywhere on their collaterals – online and offline. IVR will allow the parents to reach the right department, saving the school the pain of getting the context of queries again and again and then redirecting them to the ri

Missed Call Service - Report

MISSED CALL – REPORTS is a service provided to the customers by giving them satisfaction to the user which is done and taken during a call reports help in the tracking and the analysis of the work which is needed to be done by companies from time to time. Reports are generated automatically by our solution here at Cloudshope you can download the reports also from the dashboard and can also be helped by our employees. Use case Missed Call reporting is used in various sectors like market research, political campaigns for the betterment and retains the customers.       1.       Market research Market research is conducted with the help of Missed Call because voice call helps in the research of various information like to get feedback, demographics, attitude and preferences things like this helps the user and reporting also let them know the information to the user who has opted for the solution.       2.       Political campaign A political campaign can take a big hel

Call Conferencing - Leaving Notification

Call Conferencing is a service used for the bulk calling whenever needed by any of the users at any time. Leaving notification incall conferencing is a feature in which a notification is provided in the call and When dial-in users leave a conference, the Conferencing Announcement application can announce their exit by playing a tone or saying their names and sends the notification to the user. Use Cases TRAIN EFFECTIVELY Training employees and customers can be a major expense for many businesses.  Whether your trainees are across town or around the globe, online training using Call Conferencing can provide an attractive alternative to in-person sessions. You can also record your training session for reuse again and again. How to use Call conferencing can be used by the user from the dash and unique id will be generated and can be done in two ways outbound and inbound manner. Read our blogs here...

Call Conferencing - Joining Notification

Call Conferencing joining notification   is a simple notification give   it is better because of questions like  “Are you still there…?”  This question carries hints of annoyance or laughter (or both), and when tossed at you in a conference call, it can be a frustrating one so for that matter we have introduced joining notification it will notify you who is joining the Conferencing? Joining notification will be useful for the admin to track which person I still there and who is away or disconnected the call. Joining notification in call conferencing is significant because you can connect a lot of people at a time and which makes a tedious task to manage so notification like this helps them to keep a check. Use cases 1.       Recording of a lot of things like the information which is needed to be noted and to be checked with the problems and can also record the amazing presentation which can also be listened carefully by the users at the time of the conference.

Call Conferencing - No Call limit

Incall conferencing, we don’t give you any limit on calling. How long your conference is you can stretch it up to any limit unless you don’t reject the call by yourself. It is just that simple you don’t need to worry at all about the calling limit at all. Use cases 1.Collaborate with colleagues EFFICIENCY WITH REMOTE TEAMS. Call Conferencing provides all the features you need for efficient, effective communication and collaboration among remote teams. Call Conferencing does it all with one, easy-to-use package. 2. Record audio content RECORD ANY PRESENTATION Audio content can be a great tool for marketing, training or support.  Use Call Conferencing to record any presentation and it becomes a content asset you can use again and again.  Build a whole library of content and create a valuable resource for employees, customers or prospects. How to use Just subscribe to the call conferencing service and then you don’t need to

Call Conferencing - Call recording

Call conferencing is a solution which is needed for the recording of the call and to maintain the calling quality because it helps for the feedback and for the betterment of the   service which is provided by the CloudShope. Call recording helps managers maintain agent quality and productivity standards and quickly settle disputes from callers. Call recording is an essential feature and is a also stored for the checking of quality purposes for the betterment in the next time of call conferencing. USE CASES Conducting online training For example, government organization wants to educate some group of people in a set of villages at some set period of time which include the real conversation so they can use the call conferencing features which can help the children and government to send the information to the users. A large corporate organization can take help of this service by connecting unlimited calling anywhere anytime and can discuss the problems which

Call Conferencing - No Setup

In Call Conferencing There is no need for the setup needed for call conferencing. There is no need for the setup for call conferencing there is no need of software installation or setup required in a client machine. Our hosted solutions support with not less than 100 users at a time with ease. So there will be no problem ever in the call conferencing that’s guaranteed. Use case Any organization be it a large MNC or a new incubated startup or even a freelancer everyone uses this service of call conferencing. Our service is so easy to use that there is no field which we can’t use but best use cases would be to collaborate with colleagues or giving a lecture to the people all around the world with fast and reliable connections. How to use Call Conferencing There is n the need of setup just give us a call from the very moment you can start after giving some documentation and you will get a user id and a password. Then login in the panel. Once you

Call Conferencing - Automated Call Conferencing

Fully automated conference calls 24x7. You will never have to call in advance to setup up a conference call. With conference calls, you will easily send your participants any of our dial-in access numbers and your conference code, and that’s all.  Once they dial into any of our conference call bridges worldwide, we will connect them to your business conference call any time of the day. Use Cases RECORD ANY PRESENTATION Audio content can be a great tool for marketing, training or support.  Use Call Conferencing to record any presentation and it becomes a content asset you can use again and again.  Build a whole library of content and create a valuable resources for employees, customers or prospects. TRAIN EFFECTIVELY Training employees and customers can be a major expense for many businesses. Whether your trainees are across town or around the globe, online training using Call Conferencing can provide an attractive alternative to in-person sessions.

Toll Free Service - URL Forwarding

URL forwarding is a unique feature and comes under the dashboard of a customer where one can use and access the information after the URL which is forwarded by   the customer via a URL that is user generated and is generated automatically. Use Case Toll-free Number INTEGRATED HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS Increase customer engagement and serve them 24×7, track and follow up with customers even after office hours. With a toll-free number, it becomes the perfect (and most convenient) way for your customers to reach you any time of the day! While the toll-free number would make the call free for the customer, our smart IVR would route the call to the right person – reducing all hassles with just one number for your business.  With the deployment of services, you can now track and monitor marketing campaigns. The center now witnesses increased subscriptions by reaching the prospect customer directly to his phone.  Customer engagement improves significantly when gr

Toll Free Service - Call Back

Toll Free-Call back is a service in which one who missed the call gets a call back which is pre-defined by the consumer and it helps in the re-connection with the person who has contacted. Missed call Call Back also helps in the marketing and retail more since it helps in the service which works after the product is purchased and wants the exact location for having a problem with the delivery of product and by chance, companies miss so this service helps them to get a call back So in the end, it helps an organization to contact its customer for getting basic solutions and helping them with the solution. Use cases Real estate: - Real estate organization gets an advantage since they hype in lead generation and with the features like toll free-call back one doesn’t loose back any of the lead most of the time which makes it a perfect solution to the user and to its client.   Retail-automobile: - An organization like Audi in the retail, sector is always in the need of a cus

Missed Call Service - Auto Reply SMS

On every account of missed call a pre-defined. You can set up auto-response messages. Missed Call auto-reply SMS helps in the remarketing of the replies and helps in the taking of the surveys. Missed call auto reply SMS is a feature that helps in remarketing also helps in the messaging of the SMS to the user's customer. How To Use  When you get a login id then you need to purchase the credits from buy service of from then missed call service will get activated then you start using the service then you set up an auto-reply from there. GO TO DASHBOARD>Missed Call >SMS  A toll-free service auto-reply SMS can be set for the user in this way. Also, read our blogs here…


IVR text to speech is a feature which is futuristic in the sense that it automatically reads the script from the transcript and is revolutionary since it helps the user to let their message read with whatever the body is available with them. Text to speech is an automatic feature and their no need to activate it but we want data from you only. For Example: When you call an IVR you will receive an automatic message which can be anything “Hello, Welcome to CloudShope For Service, Support, etc. and the text will be automatically will be said through the Text to Speech via an IVR Call. CloudShope TTS is the voice of conversational IVR, making interactions sound natural and helping you deliver an enhanced self‑service experience without sacrificing customer satisfaction. An advanced, flexible, enterprise-level Text-to-Speech solution, CloudShope delivers intelligent self-service for organizations of all sizes and complexities.  CloudShope enhances the contact cente

Toll Free Service - Reporting

Toll-Free Service reporting is a service which helps the customers with the data which is needed to be shown to the customers. Call Summary Toll-Free Service is needed for any organization for better and needed for any consumer because it helps. In toll-free service, reporting is used because of people want to know the analytics and what is happening with their lead or is the people, consumer want to know about the functioning of the uses and what is the momentum of the things which is taking place. Toll-free is a special number which is generated usually by cloud telephony organizations like CloudShope. The toll-free number is generated when an organization needs a call in over every organization who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on telephony uses the toll-free service. The toll-free number provides free calling services all over the country and also provides a unique number for it. It also increases the satisfaction of the customer which helps

Toll Free Service - Real-Time notification

Missing a call means losing a potential customer or missing the opportunity to solve a customer’s problem.  Stay informed about your business calls and serve your customers better.  A user-friendly panel easy to use & manage. Toll -Free Service Toll-Free Real-Time notification helps the admin user who has to opt the service from CloudShope since he or she can have a track with the real-time notification by which he or she can call the concerned person at the very same time which helps any other consumer to use the information. Toll-Free Real-Time notification is used by the business owners to track the data and how does it works and the user is by giving the information that is there any call which was picked and not been taken by any the worker and is not attended nicely. This services are provided by us is because we feel that other organization should have or the customer who is purchasing our service should have the freedom to monitor and to know is the

Missed Call Service - Auto Reply SMS

Toll-Free Auto-Reply SMS On every account of Toll-free, a pre-defined messaged is been sent to the user when a call lands on the toll-free service by the user. You can set up auto-response messages. Toll-free auto-reply SMS helps in the remarketing of the replies and helps in the taking of the surveys. Toll-Free auto reply SMS is a feature that helps in remarketing also helps in the messaging of the SMS to the user's customer. USE CASE Toll-free solution Clinics Healthcare center With a toll-free number, it becomes the perfect (and most convenient) way for your customers to reach you any time of the day! Clinics Healthcare Center gets the bits of help by the user How To Use  When you get a login Id then you need to purchase the credits from buy service of from then toll-free service will get activated then you start using the service then you set up an auto-reply from there. Also, read our blogs here… GO TO DASHBOARD> IVR> SMS After going

Toll Free Service - E-mail Forwarding

Toll-free Email forwarding is a feature which is provided by CloudShope to its Customers. This feature helps a customer to reclaim the missed information and can also update their information. This feature also provides a copy of the E-mail to the customers about the information which is necessary and is important to the customer is a specific feature given to the user. How to use Email forwarding is so simple that anyone can join this anytime just provide us the email and that’s all that it takes . GO TO DASHBOARD>IVR>SELECT THE TOLL-FREE NUMBER>SELECT E-MAIL >SET EMAIL ALERT ON THE NUMBER PURCHASED. In toll free email service can be decided by the user that how a email is to be sent i.e weekly,mothnly or daily Read our more blogs at our site here…

IVR - Call Routing

Call routing is a procedure in which a call is routed in a manner in which you can select how it needs to react. Manage incoming call load with three types of call policy. Round Robin (Cyclic): This forwarding type ensures every agent in your call center will get an equal number of incoming calls one by one. Sequential: This forwarding type ensures all calls will be delivered to the first specified number and if that number is busy or unavailable then calls will be routed to fail over numbers. 10 failover numbers can be configured. Parallel: This forwarding type ensures that calls will be delivered to all configured numbers at the same time and anyone can pick the call. All other calls will be dropped. Hybrid:- Hybrid is a call routing manner in which a user has the options to create a subgroup in the calling policy where one can give the information regarding the agents and when we know how many agents we have we can then decide the selection area of

IVR - Admin SMS

Interactive Virtual Receptionist – Admin SMS is a service that is provided to the user who has taken our IVR or missed call services. When admin SMS has enabled the admin of the number to get the information of the caller via SMS as soon as the call comes on IVR. This helps the user to keep track of the caller and to call back to the user in case the call is disconnected in between. Every message will be delivered to the user via SMS which helps them to review the service from time to time. How to use IVR – Admin SMS is a service that is used by the user and is redirected automatically by itself whenever someone opts for IVR service and the number is been received by we will get activated in our database and you will start receiving information regarding IVR information but still, you can edit it from the DASHBOARD>SERVICES>IVR>AGENT SMS. From here one can decide the Admin SMS to  Also, read our blogs here...

IVR - API Integration

Easily integrate any application and start service in minutes. Easily Integrate IVR Features with CloudShope APIs. API is known as an application programming interface, it helps the user to interact between the user's code and to our application that how to send and react according to the feature and option between both of the organizations via an API. Dashboard How to use It is very simple to use you not need to ask for the API from our sales or Customer representative or customer support. Directly do this DASHBOARD >SERVICES>IVR>API API INTEGRATION In the end when the API hits with the server and our data the base you are good to go with the IVR just according to you. Use case IVR API Integration can be used in the following manner:- Sometimes, customers can use the IVR to send utility companies (water, electricity, gas, etc.) specific information about their consumption rate.  This can be done very easily: the customer ca

IVR - Sticky Agent

When a sticky agent is enabled on an IVR number we check that if the caller has previously talked to any agent then the call is again forwarded to the same agent. If this is a new caller then the call is forwarded as per the policy assigned. A sticky agent is a person who will pick up your call every the time you contact customer support/ service for a query.   It saves valuable time of both customers and agents as they don’t have to repeat the same conversation again. Use case Auto Attend In this case, an IVR is used to automate the flow of incoming calls inside a company. Callers are guided to connect with phone extensions by means of built IVR menus with prerecorded messages. This task is usually performed by a human operator (a call the dispatcher or a receptionist). Using IVR technology, this process is automated, leaving the receptionist with more time to perform other tasks.   How to use A sticky agent is a feature which you need to just activa

IVR - Call Recording

Call recording:   IVR records every call and makes it accessible. Each call is encrypted and stored for data security. It helps measure and improves current business processes and keep track of customer interactions. Your recordings are available for a minimum of 3 months on our servers if you want you can download your recordings for future use. The recording link can also be passed via API to any application so that customer-specific application can store the recording. How to use Just go to the dashboard and when setting for the IVR just tick the recording buttons also and it will give a notification also for the recoding of the voice. DASHBOARD>SERVICES>IVR>SETTINGS>RECORDING (ENABLE/DISABLE) And you can also listen to the recordings from the Dashboard>report>listen to the recordings.