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Power Up your Inbound and Outbound Customers by Call Center Solutions !!

Power up your inbound and outbound customer interaction with a flexible IP-based all -in- one Call-Center Solution that helps you innovate and deliver awesome omni-channel customer experiences. h a flexible IP-based all-in-one Call-Center So CloudShope helps you to deliver professional and high quality customer and caller experience. Our cloud based call center solution ensures that the customer’s needs are satisfied throughout the customer lifecycle. Call Center Solution:- Hosted IVR:- IVR stands for interactive voice responses and it is a cloud Telephony solution.  Skill based Routing:-   If you are using skills-based routing, your IVR assigns skill values to incoming queue calls so that calls can be sent to the most qualified agents. Time Based Routing:-   You can set up your IVR based on time. All calls after office hours can be forwarded to voicemail.  Features:- 📝 Live Reports Tracking of Calls. 🔄 Call queuing & call monitoring 📞 Call Recording ⌚ Wrap Time for Agents 💻 A

Choose the right Sender ID (SMS) - Short Code Vs Long Code

Choose the right sender ID (SMS) -Short Code Vs Long Code It is impossible to imagine today’s world without messaging. As throughout our daily lives millions of phones light up with the notifications of messages regarding business, emoji exchange, dinner plans, personal wishes on special days, etc. The estimate indicates that millions of messages are being sent on a daily basis, yet the senders are not aware of a certain detail related to the SMS i.e. the “Sender ID” Sender IDs are the simplest to explain i.e they are about the numbers that you choose to text the people . They are categorized into two : Short Code and Long Code - each has its unique characteristics. To identify the sender ID’s type The length is the first point that helps one to differentiate between the two.  Long code : 10 digits - tied to a area code and a  geographical region (Looks like one’s average  numbers Ex: 1-560-420-6780) Short Code :  5-6 digits -

Get in Touch with your Customers in Just One Click !!

 Agents can reach your customers in just one click.... "Click to Call" button enables customers and agents to reach out to each other quickly and efficiently. You can also record the call of your customers communication, reason for calling and what's being communicated in the call. Features:-  🔁 Call routing  ☎ Traditional PSTN calls ✅ Easy management, branding and configuration 😎 Intelligent call routing based on Agent's availability, location and time. Application Areas:- ✉  Click-to-call API can be integrated in email campaigns resulting in good conversion rates. 💬 Click-to-call API can be integrated at various Social Media Sites and Campaign 📏  ROI can be measured for each campaign 📞 Outbound calls to customers.

It's all about Smart Voice Calls

    It's all about Sm art Voice Calls Smart Voice Call services are VoIP along with a difference. It is feature packed, substantial and user friendly service. It is a digitally operated phone service which saves one up to fifty percent (50%) off the existing business dealing phone call cost and no investment capital is involved. It is a unique service which works with equipment (current existing phone), it enhances the system with the expansion of business communication features, and their replacement with the existing ones, low cost for the long distance and expensive local services - a high quality alternative VoIP. It has become a replacement for the long distance and local telephone services - it allows one to choose one’s required number of phone lines for every office. One can also choose the toll free and local numbers, and also the type of phone numbers that they want. Many of their type can be customized for a certain situation or for each of the specific user (as per thei

Different strategies that are followed by cloudshope for sales and business development.

Cloudshope follows different  tips for effective business development that can help you hit the ground running. Know Your Competition It may not be enough to know the names of your competitors. Evaluate what they offer so you can help differentiate yourself from the pack. As the old adage goes, don't define yourself by your competition. Analyze what makes you stand out in a crowd. You should obsessively work on this differentiation. This may be your most powerful business development tool.  Add Value and Build Trust Rather than going after people's wallets, consider going after their hearts. Business growth can come from adding value to every relationship, with prospective customers and existing customers. We can add value by providing information and knowledge, by being an advisor, by obsessing over treating customers right, both before and after the sale, and by having a reputation for great execution and white glove service. This mindset and approach build trust and goodwill

One Word Solution for Business: Outbound Solution

Outbound Solutions is a business development consultancy with proven track in growing our clients business by delivering quality new business opportunities for our clients. Features:- 📞   Outbound IVR Calls or SMS 📝  Reporting interface on web ✅   On- Demand access from any web browser 💻  Easily personalize the IVR calls or SMS with CRM integration. ⌚  Schedule calls or SMS.                Application Areas:- 📣   Outbound Promotional Campaign ⏰  Automated Notification/Alert System

Improving customer engagement strategies through API

  WHAT IS AN API? An API is a set of definitions and protocols for building and  integrating  application software. API stands for application programming interface. APIs let your product or service communicate with other products and services without having to know how they’re implemented. This can simplify app development, saving time and money. When you’re designing new tools and products—or managing existing ones—APIs give you flexibility; simplify design, administration, and use; and provide opportunities for innovation. APIs are a simplified way to connect your own infrastructure through cloud-native app development, but they also allow you to share your data with customers and other external users. Public APIs represent unique business value because they can simplify and expand how you connect with your partners, as well as potentially monetize your data (the Google Maps API is a popular example). BENEFITS OF API INTEGRATION 1.Letting customers access data via an API helps them

What does business development manager do?

  Business development managers are responsible for helping grow businesses by finding new opportunities, researching leads, establishing relationships with potential clients and arranging appointments for sales executives. :-  Additional responsibilities include: Research prospective accounts in targeted markets, pursue leads and follow through to a successful agreement. Understand the target markets, including industry, company, project, company contacts and which market strategies can be used to attract clients. Collaborate with design and sales teams to ensure that requirements are met. Maintain relationships with current clients and identify new prospects within the area you have been assigned. Have a strong understanding of company products, competition in the market and positioning. Follow the latest industry developments and stay up-to-date on corporate competitors.

What Makes CloudShope different from others?

CloudShope is the only CloudTelephony company in India that offers unlimited channels with introductory offers.  Special Features that CloudShope Provides to Customers:- 👉 Redirect URL :-  You can send a URL with your message. When a customer will click then it will be Redirected to your website. 📄 Form :- You can send a link with your message. If a user will click in the link then it will be displayed in the web browser. It will open as form with entries like Name, Email and Mobile Number. 🔗 Fixed String:- You can apply your desired URL with your message. It will be visible to you with the same content which you have mention in that URL. 📞 Reserve Caller Id:- If you schedule the Campaign more then 100 numbers, then a number is automatically reserved for you for 24 hours. ✉ On Answered SMS :- When someone anwers your cal then automatically send him a SMS instantly. ✉ On Extension SMS :- The SMS will be deliver to you whenever receiver press any extension. 💬 On Extension WhatsAp

Feedbacks/Surveys/Promotion/ Election Campaigns - Using IVR

Feedbacks/ Surveys/ Promotion/ Election Campaigns - Using IVR Services IVR (Interactive Virtual Receptionist) - It is an automated cloud telephony service which interacts directly with the target customers to gather necessary information and for routing calls to specific recipients. It plays a major role during political campaigns for promotion from the time of its existence due to its large number of benefits. Top benefits of the IVR Service 1) Can be approached anytime Manual calling takes place during office hours. But it is necessary to approach people at the most beneficial time. People are more responsive after their office hours. By using IVR, one can schedule call around the clock. You just need to analyze the most appropriate time to approach the masses, whether that is during the day or night. You just have to set up the IVR according to their availability. 2) Utilization of lesser manpower It is not an appropriate choice to hire large number of people to promote one’s c