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How to grow your marketing agency

As a marketing agency, you’ve done stellar work for your clients- there’s no denying that. Thanks to you, the businesses you serve are doing a much better job of reaching their audiences and driving more leads & sales. Whether you're the owner of a one-person shop or the manager of a growing agency team, two tasks must always take precedence over everything else, keeping clients happy & winning new business.

How to use IVR number

It is an automated voice response which triggers action. This means whenever a customer calls they hear a recorded voice which gives the callers multiple options like press1, press2, press3 which trigger action. Each action clicked by the caller will take him to a new menu. This allows the customer to choose the most appropriate option. How does IVR work-   When a customer calls a number provided by the service provider, he is directed to the host system of the organization. It gives a response in the form of pre-recorded message which may or may not is customized. All the input that the caller feeds helps the agent to know in advance what the caller wants to talk about. The user has to just press some keys according to their choices & the information will be provided to him. The conversation between the IVR & the customer helps the company to save a lot of time, money & efforts. This system provides an interactive & efficient means of communication to your c

How to get boost your sales

The ability to sell someone something-whether it's a product, service, or an idea- is the fundamental skill at the core of many, many jobs in the business world(especially ones with commission-based pay) .  When it comes to closing sales, it's not all about smooth-talking your buyer. It's just as important to be able to listen intently, think critically, & to intelligently apply effective sales techniques. By doing these things not only will your personal sales increases- your business will as well. Satisfy your customer- Above all else, try to keep your customer happy & satisfied. Humans aren't perfectly logical creatures- if someone like you, they're more likely to buy from you, regardless of the ideal you're offering. Demonstrate your product/service's value- When it comes to convincing a relevant customer to make a purchase, glowing praise for your product or service is only going to get you so far. To really get the customer on your side,

How to communicate with your customers

Communication is key to a business running smoothly. You need to be able to communicate with your employees, vendors, & especially customers. Without customers, you wouldn't have sales. Important of effective communication with customers- Communication allows you to attract & retain customers. Fostering strong communication skills make it possible for you to promote your brand to future customers, develop a strong relationship with existing customers, & address customer concerns. Communication methods vary from Business-to-Business

E-Commerce business use bulk SMS service

Bulk SMS is the process of disseminating a multitude of the SMS message to the audience that you target. Subscribers can send these SMS message either to their existing customers or to the ones who have opted to an SMS list which appears on the site. They can be used in multiple ways-  By making use of bulk SMS receives you can improve the conversion rate, sell more goods as per the choice of your customers. So they are used for boosting sales, improving on-site metrics & customer service. Areas where they can use- Customer service- This is the most vital area of any business & si it is for the e-commerce industry. This lets your customer text their queries their feedback & comments. Shopping Cart- Registered customer get the alerts via SMS for the process of delivery along with the delivery notifications & update confirmation message.

How Missed call alert service helps you generate more leads

It is a web-based application that keeps the customer engaged. Apparently. business use this service for the purpose of lead generation because with the help of this service they can never miss a single query. They are used for- Voting Polling Opt-in process Verification How the Service works- In missed-call alert service, the subscription get a dedicated number. When customer call on that number they receive an auto-confirmation SMS that thanks to him of calling & informs that their number has been registered. A number of the callers are stored in Database. Executive can then call back soon to understand the requirements or concerns of their customer. Important Features of a Missed call service- It is a cost-effective way as it costs nothing for the callers. The service can be activated both on a mobile & landline phone. Real-time notifications are sent via SMS & emails, IVR. Easily integrated with SMS, IVR & Emails. A cost-effective

Why toll free is essential for education sector

A toll-free number has become a critical solution or branding, marketing & customer interaction. More than 40 million users use TFN today. For the education sector were keeping a record of every detail is very important. Free contact for callers- Everyone knows that TFN 1800 is free to contact & when it comes to education sector why should a student pay for the enquiry which he has to make for the admission. If you are having a TFN 1800 you will see an increase in the number of an enquiry being made via the telephone. Record of all calls- By TFN it is easy to maintain a record of all calls. When it times of admission you receive frequent calls it is very difficult to maintain data. TFN makes your work of maintaining records easy & you will never miss a call. Call recording facility- If you are having a TFN you can record your call & since all the conversations are recorded you can playback the MP3 files, to learn what changes you can make to better your dialog

Why managing calls is the best way to satisfy your customer

The most important thing any business need is customer's satisfaction & if you are running business obviously you need to interact with your customer & for that the first thing you need is managing calls. The customer expects a high level of service. Regardless of the quality of the product or service you provide, they will not stay loyal to you on a long term basis unless you treat them properly before, during & after a sale. The best way to satisfy your customer is to communicate with them & listen to their queries & solve it. The most important objective is to keep your customers involved & satisfied. Regular interaction with your customer will help build trust & loyalty. If your customers believe that you are communicating with them openly, they will feel their relationship with you is one of mutual trust. Ensure your whole business is focused on meeting customer's needs.

How can revamp the sales growth

The overall setup of the cloud telephony system doesn't cost you much & benefits of using this solution go far beyond the savings. Develop good proposals- Since the cloud telephony system offers the call recording facility. All incoming calls are recorded & monitored later for the important purpose. Never miss the leads-  A call missed in equivalent to a lead missed in business. Therefore, all missed call records must be accumulated at once place by some managed system & cloud telephony is such a system that helps maintain the detail of all received & missed calls recorded. In order to convert as many prospects as possible, sales reps should get the information of all missed calls to act promptly on each call without making any delay. Since the delay will always give a good chance to your competitors to convert the deal. Improve training system-  The training process is based on playing back calls so the reps can get an idea of where the mistakes are bei

How missed call impacts business

The callers call & call rings until the customer loses all his interest or disconnect the call.  The caller is asked to make a call back at a later time. Reasons for the above situation- Meagre staff to respond calls. Existing staff busy in other business activities. Calls are being received after working hours. No priority to phone-based services. Not answering to the customer is a bad signal to the business-  It is fair enough that we are expected to resolve our issues through email or other social media methods. It gives an entirely different experience to the customers when they get a chance to communicate with a live executive of your company & somewhere this process reinforces the credibility of the organization in a few minutes as emails are considered inhuman.

What is virtual IVR number

IVR allows callers to interact with a company's virtual receptionist via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition by dialling on an IVR number. IVR system can respond with pre-recorded or through TTS to further direct callers on how to proceed. IVR system can be used to control almost any function where the call flow can be managed via keypad inputs. IVR system can handle a large volume of calls. Cost of IVR number service- It mostly depends on the customer's usage pattern & how much calls volume they are expecting to land on the IVR system. There are multiple components involved in calculating the overall cost of deploying an IVR service for a business. There is a monthly rental, call rates, setup charges, security deposit & maintenance charges.  In a cloud telephony world higher the call volume will be your total cost of ownership. If you are going with a cloud telephony service provider for your IVR needs than setting up the system is just a number of

Why do you need a toll free number

Improve customer satisfaction- With Toll-free number, you can improve your customer service & satisfaction simply by being available to take their call. A Toll-free number makes it easier for your customer to reach you & get their question & answer. They'll able to call you any day, at that time & it won't cost them a thing. Easy to remember- Another having a Toll free number for your business is that it's much easier to remember than any other number, especially if its a vanity number people are more likely to call you, it can generate more sales & it can be a really powerful marketing tool for your business. Credibility- A toll-free number isn't just for big corporations, they are great for companies of all sizes, especially those just starting a business. Having a Toll free number gives your business credibility & enhances your company's image. Marketing Tool- The toll-free number allows you to create extensions, which can then

Missed call means opporunity

A missed call is one way to search for opportunity. Missed call service has become an effective way to engage & involve customer by any business. The missed call service is targeted & a cost-effective means for a business to reach out to its target audience. The target audience could be in regions where internet penetration is low when you want to give a call to action to an online customer who needs to engage with your offer. Missed call service is a completely automated web-based application enable you to get real-time notifications of all calls on your dedicated mobile/toll-free number. Missed call service are key players in integrating customer Database along with a variety of utilities including opt & opt-out services, survey poll data collection from a customer with ease of use as the customers carry no cost of the enrollment process. The prominent acquisition of customer details with a fully automated new age mechanism.

Protect your business with cloud telephony

Cloud telephony means you do not have to deal with telephony jargons, knowledge of how telephone work as long as you know what you want your telephone to do. The business has to dig into the data carefully to be able to stay healthy in the market. An entity working upon sensitive data should stay up to date with industry trends & always available to the required resources. As the importance & quantity of the data grow, the probability of data loss raised exponentially. Moving cloud communication is actively helping companies to grow faster & gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. It enables increased control & scalability of communication the ability to deliver superior customer service & cash flow.

Improve your customer relation with call routing

There have been significant advancements in telecommunication technology with a wide range of sophisticated telephone system with incredible features available. Time of day routing enables you to route calls based n your business hours. Call routing takes the routing process beyond the basic caller data received through the phone lines. Instead, companies can now collect a wide range of information on their customers from sales history to demographics that can help them with up-selling, customer retention & overall service quality. Some benefits of this type of call routing system include- Improved prioritization of calls, so customers get to the department they need more efficiently. Showing warnings to agents before the call is taken, so agents are prepared for the content of the call. Enhanced analytics that makes it easy to see how the current call routing system is impacting customer retention. In addition to improved customer service, advanced call routing can a

Inbound call tracking effects your business positively

A successful business is not restricted to concerns about selling its product. Actually, successful business care to ensure that their experience from their business rather than the product alone. Although most businesses don't pay heed to it suffer to bring back their customer's overs & over again. This is particularly sad for a business who actually offer quality products & yet fail to retain their prior customers. Why is inbound call tracking more influential- With the help of inbound call tracking, you can find out information about leads. It inevitably helps in conversion. If you could track the source of your lead, then you can optimize the efforts of your sales team accordingly & garner better conversion rates with less expenditure. Thus, is one basic difference in the inbound & outbound process. Interacting with the customer at time & place of their convenience- The inbound call is the customer's own initiative & so, the customer wil