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Customized Professional Greeting

Customized professional greeting Give a professional way in your business. So, you can give a customized greeting in your customer. (First impression mean’s a lot) someone said it right as you only get one chance to improve yourself in front of your client. That’s just one reason why so many clients add the personalized greeting option to their answering services.
When your client or customer calls you for any kind inquiry, you have to treat them with a warm and personalized greeting as you are not aware about the nature of the client. You can upload a pre-recorded greeting to create your own business. Business phone greetings can give your small business a larger and more professional appearance. They can also help you save on labor costs by replacing a live secretary for answering calls.

Advantages of Professional GreetingIncrease ProfessionalismYou want increase your professionalism you can create professional greetings. Message your customers or prospects and impresses and them wh…

Reporting in cloud telephony

Report is a feature which is automatically generated by us for the consumer in this section one can check all the information which are related to the statistics which is important for the usage and maintaining of the flow of the whole working.

Reporting also provides the real time notification regarding the services which are given by use that are Missed call service, IVR, Toll-free service,missed call service Bulk SMS AND calling.

It helps the user to check the information regarding the campaign which are taking place by the user.

The services which can be used by the reporting in cloud telephony are used for the checking of the information which is helpful and useful for the watching of the statistics and where are the information which  are not going good or bad.

Reports help in the essential checking.

These reports also helps in the checking of team performance.

Use case Report is a feature is used by the user to check all the information when he wants to see the statics or the an…

Benefits of voice mail

Benefits of Voice Mail Voice mail system is the way for a customer to leave the message for a service provider. Voice mail is the method of storing voice message electronic for later retrieval by intended recipients. Some business owners thing that voice mail holds more disadvantages than advantages but properly used voice mail provides tremendous benefits.
Voice messaging increases productivity, it improves the internal communication and it enhances the customer service and it reduces the message-taking costs. Voice- messaging system improve the public relation in the company.
Voice mail benefits:-
With the help of voice mail, your business is never truly closed. One of the most useful features of voice mail is its ability to keep your business outside of traditional office hours. It also allows your business to at least meet the needs of those clients and customers who need to connect with you despite working on different hours.
It can save and generate the money, it can improve th…

What is CRM Integration?

What is CRM Integration?
The benefits of the CRM in the business. CRM system are the valuable assets for businesses across various industries. These systems help to hold customer data that can enable your team from marketing and customer service to your sales and operations to better understand your customer query and who customer interact with the business.
With the help of CRM, your organizations can understand your customer base and deliver better products and services to them. CRM creating a single customer view is only possible when your system is fully integrated with a business that an entire technology stack whether you are shipping application, billing system, order status system, etc.

Benefits of CRM Integration
Email Integration:- Email integration is the best way to interact with your customers. Email is also a highly effective marketing tool. In a CRM you can create a CRM backend email marketing campaign can be more personalized, friendly and highly targeted o the most pr…

Time based call routing

Time Based Call ROUTING is a service used by the organisations to have a set their working hour set for the IVR otherwise it is changed and can be contacted with the voicemail or the message will be recorded and recorded message will be played.

You can set up your IVR based on time.

All calls after office hours can be forwarded to voicemail.

All calls can be routed to various office locations based on time.

The calls can be forwarded to your personal mobile phone after specified time.

Time based call routing is a specific to cloud call centre solutions it helps the users to have a call in which a person needs to call to the user by contacting them via voice mail.

Use case

Pk electronics once again have a problem since they have taken our service and they have less people in the team and the timing of there organisation isfrom 9 to 9 which is their business hour so they can have a Timing based IVR which can help the user to have adjusting the thing time to time.

How to use
Log on Our …

Call tracking | Cloudshope features | Cloud telephony

Nowadays, tracking is an essential service which is wanted for the service because now with help of latest systems we can track the services.
Even in cloud telephony we can track the services which means that one can automatically check for the campaigns results and can see many more statistics at the convenience and ease in the dashboard or panels.
So, for this we have a lot of service but today I will be talking about the call tracking feature from which we can track.
So, what is call tracking?
Call tracking is a system in one can record the calls thoroughly.
This feature gives you an option two record both of the calls which are outbound and inbound calling.
So if you don't know what are these calls?
A, outbound call is a made for the view point of a prospective which can be followed by anyone.
And focus on Sales, Lead generation, telemarketing of fundraising.
And moreover, these calls are sent by the users.
On the other hand, an inbound call helps the customer because it is bee…

How IVR service helps in order tracking

How IVR service helps in order tracking?
E-commerce website
Ecommerce website (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services or the transmitting of funds or data over an electronic network, primarily the internet. Electronic commerce on technology such as mobile commerce electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing online transaction processing electronic data interchange inventory management system and data collection system.
Challenges of E-commerce
Order Management System: -
If you are doing online business or offline business the first main thing is your order delivery in proper way or not. If your order tracking system is best so you can enhance your business on a large scale.
Ways of customer order tracking system:-
when you start the business the first thing that you can do is to create an order tracking as it very helps full to your customer to track to get updated of theirs. If any customer purchases any product from yo…