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Let's take up autodialer today !!!!

Increased agent efficiencyThe most tangible benefit of an auto dialer is the huge increase in agent talk time per hour when compared to a non-dialer environment. Auto phone dialers work by making calls in a preset ratio of number of phone lines to agents.  The dialer makes calls in volume “behind the scenes” and then connects answered calls to available agents.The net result is that the agents experience a steady flow of connected calls throughout the day with a “talk time” of up to 40 or 50 minutes in the hour. Customer service teams that do manual dialing typically achieve around 10-15 minutes talk time per hour. This is due to time wasted doing the following tasks:Dialing the phone numberManually dispositioning callsListening to voicemails, busy tones and no-answerLeaving voicemailsScheduling call-backsThe commercial benefit is easy to see: 200-300% more productivity per hour with an auto-dialer (compared to manual dialing). The percentage increase is normally the same, regardless …

It's all about bulk voice calls today !!!


Bulk Voice call is a technology in which multiple users (phone numbers) are called at a time with a pre-recorded or automated voice message in it. It is usually utilized by the mass campaigners or companies who want to circulate a message or information to the public.Political campaignsLead generationCustomer surveysMarketingAlerts (Stocks, EMI, etc.)Health check-up reminders
Features in Bulk Voice Calls servicesFeatures in bulk SMS or Call services both are not a subject of service providers, but they are a subject of the software used by the service provider. However, ideal software would possess the following features-Language customization toolIt should be capable of sending voice messages all over the country i.e. IndiaBroadcasting for campaignsAPI Codes for WebsiteSoftware IntegrationCall Scheduling FacilityVoice Upload

BENEFITS OF BULK VOICE CALLSBulk voice calls are easy to reach multiple customers at a one go.Voice medium is a straight approach and the …

Benefits to Bulk SMS marketing !!!

Benefits to Bulk SMS marketing:

To be honest, bulk SMS service provides you with endless benefits and opportunities. Well, here we have listed the best ones for you to check out. Have a look: 1. Delivers instantly:It is undoubtedly one of the best features that bulk SMS marketing offers. SMS service is obviously ultra fast. Thus, instantly reaches the mobile device of your customers without any hassle. It is a proven fact that a text message does not take more than seven seconds to reach the recipient. So, you will not have to worry about your messages being delivered.
2. Offers an efficient platform:With SMS marketing, it becomes easy for you to send messages to only a group of customers. Plus, you can also choose to send messages to all the customers in your list without any hassle. Also, you will have the full freedom to customize the messages before sending. Furthermore, you can send transactional as well as promotional messages to your customers without having any trouble.
3. High re…

5 Reason : Why Cloud Telephony ?

Cloud Telephony, also referred as hosted telephony, is a technology that takes your telephone system on cloud. 
⏰ Keep your business awake while you sleep  An IVR helps you attend all your business call 24*7. No matter which time zone your customers are calling from, all their calls will be answered. Enquiries after office hours will be routed to the agent who has been assigned to attend the calls for that particular time duration.☎ Expand your business territory with a single 10-digit numberA virtual Number lets you map several other business numbers at the back of one number. And callers can easily choose the location, language or other specific requirements when calling on your business number. This will connect them to the agent working in that particular location or holding expertise in the chosen language. πŸ’» Give rest to your receptionist. Let IVR do the jobAn IVR acts a virtual receptionist and routes your business calls efficiently and instantly to the concerned department or ag…

SMS Short Codes Vs. SMS Long Codes

SMS Short Codes Vs. SMS long Codes : What you Need to Know Almost every industry today is turning to text messages for marketing or customer engagement. The two most common ways of sending SMS messages ways of sending SMS messages is either through a long code or a short code.

LONG CODESWhat is a long Code ?A long code is a 10 digit phone number used for communication between two or more individuals.Best Uses of Long Codes
πŸ”„ Meaningful Two-Way Communication
πŸ‘© Gathering Customer information
πŸ“ Providing Targeted,Relevant Content
πŸ“€ Appointment Remainders and Confirmation
⏰ Alerts Notifications: Banking Alerts,Shipping Alerts, Airline Alerts
πŸŒ€ Troubleshooting Product or Service ProblemsSHORT CODESWhat is a Short Code ?A short code is a convenient 5 to 6 digit number that enables users to text in a keyword to automatically opt-in to a business's database. Short code text messaging is ideal for mass, impersonal, one-way communication.
Best Uses of Short Codes ✉Bulk Messaging
πŸ’»Marketing Pr…

Advance Features of Missed Call Service !!

Missed Call service is a completely automated web based application enables you to get the real time notification of all calls on your dedicated Mobile/Land Phone/Toll free numbers.
 ☎ The unlimited number of missed call :- In the package of missed call service, you will get the unlimited number of calls in day, which means you can use the service without any bound of the numbers and can easily generate the number of leads within a day.
⏰Data visibility of all-time usage:- On the advance features dashboard of the service, you can check your real time or past data anytime for analyzing it for your future prospects utilization. The panel of the services is web-based so that you can use it from anywhere and anytime to get the updates.✅ Custom API :- the customizable API means you can make your panel fully customized and can analyze the data with exactly you needed for your lead generation odds.⌚Real-Time database updating:- The database of the missed call alert service works on the real-ti…

Best service is the "Missed Call Service" - Why? - (Part 1)

Best service is the "Missed Call Service" - Why?

A missed call alert is the fastest way to know what your customer wants. Use Cloudshope's missed call solutions to run missed call campaigns for your business and increase the number of leads by up to 80%.
Generate leads with our missed call solutions

Missed call alert solutions help in speedy acquisition of customers and customer detail in real time. Every missed call received is a prospective customer
Hyper targeted approach with missed call marketing campaigns

A missed call marketing campaign enables you with missed call  to tap audiences from regions with low internet or smartphone penetration. Increase the reach of your business with a missed call marketing number, thereby optimizing your target audience
Use your missed call alert number to provide opt-ins

As per TRAI, people registered on DND cannot be contacted. Give a missed call number to ask for confirmation of their interest and avoid legal hassles. Freely include the…