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3 must-have features in an IVR.

IVR is a service used by organisations which can help you in the communication between the customer and your organisation which helps in the reaching to you. IVR helps users to get connected with the help of a software which is automated and helps the organisations. Since it is an automatic software which can help and can run automatically without the need of a normal command which is needed to be set once by the user from the dashboard or panel. So, these are the 3 must-have features which are needed to be checked in an IVR. Multi-Level IVR Multi-level IVR Is a service which means to have levels in an IVR which have different functions assigned by the user and can help its customers away. API integration Easily integrate any application and start service in minutes. Easily Integrate IVR Features with CloudShope APIs. API is known as an application programming interface, it helps the user to interact between the user's code and to our an

How to attract high-quality lead through missed call service?

How to attract high-quality lead through missed call service? Missed call service are a unique marketing tool as it is the fastest way to know what your customers want. Missed Call service plays a very crucial role in enhancing the business in the global market. Today, technology is highly advanced and it has introduced the innovative methods for business to grow. It allows to generate Leads and plays an important role in the growth of the business. Missed call service also reaches faster to the audience. The service also works when there is low internet or poor networking. Missed call service are the easiest way to interact with the customer even in the local area or in remote areas. The service can also be used as collecting feedback from the audience. It blooms the business as it also plays an effective role for customer verification. Instead of using OTP service ask your audience to use missed call service as it saves time. Missed call service gather quick information

Learn how cloud telephony helps in fighting the COVID-19

In this time of quarantine, when the world is suffering huge looses and every country, is suffering from COVID-19 but cloud telephony is a service which is helping to communicate the messages and also helping in the solving of the issues of the government. So now let us understand how this service will give help to the countries. Cloud telephony is a service which is offline and can be used and can help the user to send the information, tacking surveys, helping by activating support lines and other essential services. Now let us understand what can be the use cases for this in the lieu of COVID-19. Telephonic survey A telephonic survey can help the user to help in the taking of information from the resident of the country so that it helps in the assumption of the rate that how many people has the symptoms of COVID-19. But how it will work? The answer is simple with the help of the OBD IVR service or even a missed call service can help in the taking

Boost your business with vanity number.

 Boost your business with a vanity number When you launching a new business in the market, you need to have a strong market strategy in place to transform your business into a brand. Establish your business as a brand although it will take time but the very first step toward achieving it lies in delivering brand values. If you want every potential customer inquiries about your brand reputation over the internet. If the offered brand value is not up to the customer expectation, the repercussion of the same directly affects the ratings and feedback of your brand value. Vanity Number When you provide any product/services your brand offer, your brand value is also determined by how delivered is your customer services strategy. It also defined how easy it to contact your business for any assistance. All businesses have a business phone number which is easy to remember the customer and is also readily accessible in need. Vanity toll-free number will help to enhance your

Number masking how is remarkable for your business?

Number masking how is remarkable for your business? Number masking is used widely for various reasons in business today . Number masking is the way to communicate with your customers. As it is help to create privacy between you and your customer. Call masking is the way to create a goodwill with your customer. In the field of communication there are many instance when it becomes too necessary to maintain the privacy of the caller. For the same purpose the role playing a number masking. Number masking is to play mask role between customers. Number masking is all about putting a mask on the number of the two communicators who are communicating. So communication happens with two people being aware to each other numbers. With the help of cloud telephony. It has made number masking easy to execute and reliable to apply. If you want to become necessary to maintain privacy of the two communicators to communicating then it is the best way to get them connected is through a third p

Importance of Bulk voice call in Covid-19

Importance of Bulk voice call in COVID-19 Today the world is suffering from a pandemic, COVID-19, caused by the coronavirus. The outbreak of the deadly virus has led mankind to take up the challenging task to save lives of innocent people. For handling such a critical condition where the lives of millions of people are at risk, so here is technology is the means of making a way to a panacea. In this situation, bulk voice use these services to communicate with your own employees, and client and a potential client. Bulk Voice call  With the help of bulk voice companies’ provide its own services through this service. You will interact with your customers in an easy way. Bulk voice calls are prerecorded automated calls, which embroil automated dialing to the collective numbers at once with the help of computer managed lists. It helps the call centers to send voice ads of their company’s new product or any other recorded message in known language to the mobiles or landline a

Importance of Missed Call Services in Insurance Industry

Importance of Missed Call Services in Insurance Industry The success of any business depends upon hassle-free and consistent communication with the customer. Missed call alert services is the fastest and the shortest route for reaching the level that every business owner looks for and hence this has become indispensable for the business these days. With the missed call alerts allows your customer to connect with your free. Some insurance company is using a Business online cloud-based missed call application. It is used for multiple marketing objectives like lead generation, verification of mobile number or calls request a call back service. Some benefit are mentioned in below Missed Call App   Some service provider companies are using this for promotion. Promote missed call number across all advertisement digital / Social/mobile to download the apps. Since most of the content is consumed over the phone - with one single click, the user will have the App download link

Importance Of Bulk SMS Service In Pharma Industry

Importance Of Bulk SMS Service In Pharma Industry   Bulk SMS is a promotional technique of digital promoting, which is including sending data/messages to their valuable customer. As Message are sending together to the customer or potential customer. It is not a surprising fact to everyone that pharma around is certainly one of the most important things in recent times. This is certainly one of the most important part of the Indian economy as well. That makes another industry area to achieve great big success. Every development in technology makes an advantage on making life easier for people. Aside from the internet, the invention of mobile phones makes information sent almost at the speed of light. One of the fields that take on a great advantage is the faster provision and render of services in the most essential fields such as medicine and health care. For example, Information Technology is now used by companies for medicine and pharmaceutical services. Bulk SMS gateway In

Importance Of Bulk SMS in Travel Industry

Importance Of Bulk SMS in Travel Industry Bulk SMS is a promotional technique of digital promoting, which is including sending data/messages to their valuable client. As Message are sending together to the client or potential client. It is not a surprising fact to everyone that traveling around is certainly one of the most important things in recent times. This is certainly one of the most important parts of the Indian economy as well. That makes the hotels another industry area to achieve great big success. As we know today, bulk SMS service has become an integral part of the marketing. Such as when it comes to the service industries like the real estate sector, education sector etc. SMS service plays an important role in the travel industry. Almost every tour and travel industry company is using SMS service.  Companies are using SMS marketing to keep their customer informed about their latest service and offer. SMS marketing are being used as SMS API software to deliver

How IVR helps in the Insurance sector with its services | Learn More

IVR In Insurance sector is very helpful because it provides some features which can be useful to its users. It helps users to give information and interact with the customer representatives and other major people which help them to check the solution for the problem related to insurance. Insurance sector In India is a place where everyone invests for the safeguarding themselves for some unwanted risks to take place. With the services like health insurance and other important insurances need 24by7 assistance with the associated organizations. So, in the support system and lead management is very crucial and an important aspect which can be managed by the organizations so it helps in various ways and IVR can help you in this way is as follows: - 24 by 7 renewal  You can renew your insurance with the help of an IVR by talking to the executive and calculating the premium which is been generated for the insurance and get a SMS from the representative then from that l

How IVR helps in the banking sector with its services | Learn More

IVR is a service which comes under cloud telephony and in this blog, I will try to tell that how it helps the banking sector. Banking is a service which now already have become so advanced with the help of telecommunications that it takes helps from various services under it. Cloud telephony is also a part of telecommunication. In this service we use IVR to learn more about IVR clickhere . But in brief IVR is a service which helps a user to give its customer a support system which is virtual and helps in the query solve and other essential information which are needed by the customers. The services which are available are very useful to its customers because it doesn’t need any facility of internet and is totally free to the customers because it has a toll-free number which makes it free for customer. So, what are these services are as follows: - Fetch balance if calling from registered number A service which can also be done from a toll-fre

What is Call recording and its purpose of local business and e-commerce business?

What is Call recording and its purpose of local business and e-commerce business? Call recording is the way to record your customer conversation with you. When you start new business. Call recording is the best way to know your customer requirements. It also provides you with the ability to retrieve, playback, store and share call recording. Call recording software you can easily buy in the market. Call recording software should not be confused with call monitoring technology. Such as call logging, gathering, evaluating and reporting technical and statistical facts about the call and call tracking recording information about incoming calls. Its sole purpose is to record the phone taking place between individuals. Call Recording  Purpose of Call Recording So many big companies are using this technology to record customer data. Some companies or individuals buy call recording systems for different reason depending on their unique requirements or industry needs.   Suc

SMS Integrated API

SMS Integrated API SMS integrated API is a defined set of instruction which enables an application to send via a SMS gateway. As SMS API is used to add bulk SMS capability. You can send a short message with the help of the integrated API. SMS API is one of the most attractive modes of communication and send SMS to your customer. It is very easy and not at all expensive ways for businesses to communicate in the global market. You can use this for marketing or customer feedback and lead generation. You can leverage your business in globally. One of the biggest benefits API is that you can add this service in your panel, website, software, CRM etc. The combination does the most apparent method to send electronic SMS directly to your workplace. Such e-commerce the website combined SMS API to a different user, but this use from SMS API does user confirmation through OTP.   Another thing is to make any transaction from e-commerce website they asked for the mobile number for

What is the difference between transactional SMS and promotional SMS?

Promotional and transactional SMS is a message types which can be sent by the user to its customers in cloud telephony but there is an issue which is that there are two types of number. The two number are DND activated and Non-DND activated numbers. These number are different and have different settings which are set by the TRAI . So, for this there are two ways in which you can sends messages to your customers that are Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS. These messages are sent in the services like Bulk SMS which are majorly used in the sending the essential information or promoting the message of product. But what are the main difference is a follows:- For better understanding of the difference between the both are as follows SERVICES PROMOTIONAL SMS TRANSACTIONAL SMS DND ✓ ✓ NON- DND ✕ ✓ USE CASE Election campaign, Product promotion. Bill, Order details etc. SENDER

Customized Professional Greeting

Customized professional greeting Give a professional way in your business. So, you can give a customized greeting in your customer. (First impression mean’s a lot) someone said it right as you only get one chance to improve yourself in front of your client. That’s just one reason why so many clients add the personalized greeting option to their answering services. When your client or customer calls you for any kind inquiry, you have to treat them with a warm and personalized greeting as you are not aware about the nature of the client. You can upload a pre-recorded greeting to create your own business. Business phone greetings can give your small business a larger and more professional appearance. They can also help you save on labor costs by replacing a live secretary for answering calls . Professional Greeting  Advantages of Professional Greeting Increase Professionalism You want increase your professionalism you can create professional greetings. Message

Reporting in cloud telephony

Report is a feature which is automatically generated by us for the consumer in this section one can check all the information which are related to the statistics which is important for the usage and maintaining of the flow of the whole working. Reporting also provides the real time notification regarding the services which are given by use that are Missed call service, IVR, Toll-free service,missed call service Bulk SMS AND calling. It helps the user to check the information regarding the campaign which are taking place by the user. The services which can be used by the reporting in cloud telephony are used for the checking of the information which is helpful and useful for the watching of the statistics and where are the information which  are not going good or bad. Reports help in the essential checking. These reports also helps in the checking of team performance. Use case Report is a feature is used by the user to check all the information when he wants t

Benefits of voice mail

Benefits of Voice Mail Voice mail system is the way for a customer to leave the message for a service provider. Voice mail is the method of storing voice message electronic for later retrieval by intended recipients. Some business owners thing that voice mail holds more disadvantages than advantages but properly used voice mail provides tremendous benefits. Voice messaging increases productivity, it improves the internal communication and it enhances the customer service and it reduces the message-taking costs. Voice- messaging system improve the public relation in the company. VOICE CALL  Voice mail benefits:- With the help of voice mail, your business is never truly closed. One of the most useful features of voice mail is its ability to keep your business outside of traditional office hours. It also allows your business to at least meet the needs of those clients and customers who need to connect with you despite working on different hours.   It can save and

What is CRM Integration?

What is CRM Integration? The benefits of the CRM in the business. CRM system are the valuable assets for businesses across various industries. These systems help to hold customer data that can enable your team from marketing and customer service to your sales and operations to better understand your customer query and who customer interact with the business. With the help of CRM, your organizations can understand your customer base and deliver better products and services to them. CRM creating a single customer view is only possible when your system is fully integrated with a business that an entire technology stack whether you are shipping application, billing system, order status system, etc. CRM  Benefits of CRM Integration Email Integration:- Email integration is the best way to interact with your customers. Email is also a highly effective marketing tool. In a CRM you can create a CRM backend email marketing campaign can be more personalized, friendly and h