Thursday, 26 September 2019

How to use IVR number

It is an automated voice response which triggers action. This means whenever a customer calls they hear a recorded voice which gives the callers multiple options like press1, press2, press3 which trigger action. Each action clicked by the caller will take him to a new menu. This allows the customer to choose the most appropriate option.

How does IVR work- 
 When a customer calls a number provided by the service provider, he is directed to the host system of the organization. It gives a response in the form of pre-recorded message which may or may not is customized. All the input that the caller feeds helps the agent to know in advance what the caller wants to talk about.

The user has to just press some keys according to their choices & the information will be provided to him. The conversation between the IVR & the customer helps the company to save a lot of time, money & efforts. This system provides an interactive & efficient means of communication to your customers to choose between the product & services provided by your company.

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