Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Improve your customer relation with call routing

There have been significant advancements in telecommunication technology with a wide range of sophisticated telephone system with incredible features available. Time of day routing enables you to route calls based n your business hours.
Call routing takes the routing process beyond the basic caller data received through the phone lines. Instead, companies can now collect a wide range of information on their customers from sales history to demographics that can help them with up-selling, customer retention & overall service quality.

Some benefits of this type of call routing system include-

  • Improved prioritization of calls, so customers get to the department they need more efficiently.
  • Showing warnings to agents before the call is taken, so agents are prepared for the content of the call.
  • Enhanced analytics that makes it easy to see how the current call routing system is impacting customer retention.
In addition to improved customer service, advanced call routing can also be used as a sales tool for up-selling the right products & services to the customer that calls in with question & concerns.

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