Saturday, 21 September 2019

How can revamp the sales growth

The overall setup of the cloud telephony system doesn't cost you much & benefits of using this solution go far beyond the savings.

Develop good proposals-
Since the cloud telephony system offers the call recording facility. All incoming calls are recorded & monitored later for the important purpose.
Never miss the leads- 
A call missed in equivalent to a lead missed in business. Therefore, all missed call records must be accumulated at once place by some managed system & cloud telephony is such a system that helps maintain the detail of all received & missed calls recorded.
In order to convert as many prospects as possible, sales reps should get the information of all missed calls to act promptly on each call without making any delay.
Since the delay will always give a good chance to your competitors to convert the deal.

Improve training system- 
The training process is based on playing back calls so the reps can get an idea of where the mistakes are being occurred.

Keep track of ROI-
Setting up a virtual number for different marketing campaigns & channel is what a toll-free number does. It is a cost-effective method to as you simply run different marketing campaigns with your different number & can easily check one is working perfectly.



  1. Through Cloud telephony system industries like retail, educational sector, hospitality and many more are booming up day by day.

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