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Learn how cloud telephony helps in fighting the COVID-19

In this time of quarantine, when the world is suffering huge looses and every country, is suffering from COVID-19 but cloud telephony is a service which is helping to communicate the messages and also helping in the solving of the issues of the government.

So now let us understand how this service will give help to the countries.

Cloud telephony is a service which is offline and can be used and can help the user to send the information, tacking surveys, helping by activating support lines and other essential services.

Now let us understand what can be the use cases for this in the lieu of COVID-19.

  • Telephonic survey

A telephonic survey can help the user to help in the taking of information from the resident of the country so that it helps in the assumption of the rate that how many people has the symptoms of COVID-19.

But how it will work?

The answer is simple with the help of the OBD IVR service or even a missed call service can help in the taking of a survey which can take surveys at ease.

  • Sending Bulk SMS

Sending of an SMS to the people SMS at ease with the information which are essential and useful and need to be sent to the people of that country by the government.

  • Missed call service

Missed call service also helps the users in the helping of missed call service for quick support which will be registered with the government and can help the people right away with the issue in this pandemic.

Also, this service can help people in getting off the essential information which is needed by the people by giving a miss call and then getting a  message on their number including the essential information needed like to do in COVID-19 or other things.

  • Toll-free number as a helpline

A toll-free number can be used as a helpline number which can be used by anyone for the usage of getting information and registering of an issue which is faced by the people someone may feel sick and don’t know the problem can be diagnosed when he/she calls to the toll-free number and can be quarantined easily which can help the user to have the problem solved.

These are some of the use cases in which a cloud telephony service can be used by the government and even by NGO to help and gather information with the people who can help.

A live example is also there recently the Indian government has taken a decision to take telephonic surveys with the help of OBD IVR.

Stay safe and #stayhome and make your business also work with the help of cloud telephony.


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