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Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems


Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

About 75% of businesses globally have shifted to some kind of cloud based service or platform. Business analysts have predicted that the worldwide market for cloud services will reach a value of about $158.8 billion this year. Cloud phone system benefits cover businesses of all sizes, from startups to large global companies. Many offer advanced unified communication features that businesses need to succeed, in the fast paced business environment of today. In the past, businesses had to rely on the use of physical and on-site equipment, for phone systems and applications. Now, with the increasing shift to the cloud, these systems and applications can be stored safely in off-site data centers.

Below you’ll find the top reasons why business owners are joining the shift to cloud phone systems. Also below, an infographic detailing the main cloud phone system benefits. 

1. Cloud Phone Systems Cost Less

One of the major cloud phone system benefits is the large cost savings when compared to traditional phone services. Cloud based communications eliminate the need to pay up-front for heavy and expensive installations. Not to mention the regularly occurring maintenance charges of a traditional phone system. When you host your phone system on the Internet, you’ll be charged on a usage basis only. You pay only for hostage space and bandwidth that you require. Cloud phone systems also offer access to high-end features and upgrades for minimal to no cost. Commonly, set monthly fees per phone line or ‘seats’, are offered by cloud phone providers.

2. Cloud Based Phone Systems Offer Rich Features

Cloud based phone systems provide users with a variety of standard features, as well as voicemail, advanced email and automatic attendants and many more unified communications options. Some more advanced features include traffic shaping such as MPLS, which is useful in preserving bandwidth. It also helps in ensuring call quality and reliability. Cloud phones can also connect with two different on-site Internet circuits, which is useful in providing backup.

3. Cloud Business Phone Systems Are Flexible

Cloud phone systems benefit businesses with access to the latest voice features without any hardware updates. Whether your business is growing or downsizing, a cloud service will provide the flexibility the business needs today and also for future growth.

4. Cloud Based Services Are Easily Scaled

It is the aim of any business to scale. So should their phone system. For anyone who has had to expand or move an on-premise phone system, they will surely know the degree of difficulty involved. Lots of equipment, lots of man-power and lots of careful moving, of large hardware. A phone system in the cloud is easily and quickly organized. The only shifting required is of handsets or cables, without any extra burden on your business IT department.

Infographic: Key Cloud Phone Service Benefits

5. Cloud Telephony: Mobility Apps & Remote Work

What business doesn’t need continuous communication today? A cloud phone system benefits and empowers businesses with off-site work forces and remote employees. Cloud hosted systems provides the ability to communicate with all co-workers and customers, no matter their location.

6. Disaster Recovery With A Cloud Telephony System

Your business phone system should never go down. Ever. It needs to be up 24/7 to support your customers and to receive inbound sales, leads or new business. A cloud phone system benefits by protecting against loss of business voice in case of disasters. Utilizing the cloud ensures a reliable and resilient phone service, always.

7. Cloud Phone Service Expands Uniformity

With cloud phone systems, companies with varying locations can deploy a more unified phone system with remote offices setup efficiently. All users experience the same call quality, plus the same features.

8. A Cloud Phone System Benefits IT Teams

Your business IT department will have many things to focus on, without adding phone system maintenance to their work load. Cloud phone system benefits are possible as a vendor manages your system off-site. Your IT department will be free to focus on issues that have higher priority.

9. Improved Information Security

One of the great advantages of the cloud, especially a private cloud solution, is that there is no fear of sacrificing data security when you allow company data to exist, outside the local firewall. Security is increased when a client uses a cloud phone service for business due to stringent ISO security standards that cloud providers should always adhere to.

10. Decreased Time To Value

Time to value with cloud phone services is quite less than on-site phone services and applications. Not only is implementation time decreased, but the IT resources required to roll out the cloud solution are also significantly less. For example, if you’re a Silicon Valley startup and you need to get on the phone to cold call prospects or potential investors, a cloud based phone system provides a faster avenue to do this. As you grow and hire another sales team member, their phone system can be setup instantly. There is no need for an IT person. Just a simple call to your cloud business phone system vendor, to have the same phone functionality and features to grow your business.See some of our cloud phone customers and read our cloud based phone system reviews.

Considering A Cloud Phone System?

Today, e-mails, texts and instant messaging accounts for a significant portion of daily communications. However, a good old fashion phone call is far from obsolete. That’s particularly true in the business world. Regardless of business size or industry, a reliable phone service is a necessity. 

A cloud phone system is managed off-site and accessible anywhere online. These IP powered phone systems make it easier for businesses to tap into enhanced communication features, without investing in on-site management and maintenance. Not sure if cloud phones are right for you? Below, 5 more reasons why today’s businesses are opting for the convenience, versatility and cost-effectiveness of cloud phone systems.

Cloud Phone System: Less Maintenance & Administrative Requirements

A cloud phone system is hosted off-site. It is managed by a phone service provider. Business owners no longer need to sacrifice excessive financial or human capital to obtain reliable phone service, with enterprise-level features and functionality. Administration of a cloud phone system is also simplified.  At any time, anywhere. No advanced IT work is required – anyone phone user can do it. Remote workers can be efficiently setup with phone service too. Shifting phone service from on-premise hardware to a cloud based solution, empowers users to make changes efficiently. Adding rules or setting up out of office, can be done with the click of a button. 

Improved Security & Disaster Recovery

Servers are protected by layers of physical and network security. This makes it difficult for outside threats to compromise services and information. Along that same line, many cloud phone systems provide redundancy to keep service secure and accessible. Because of this, service is maintained even if one or multiple servers suffer a geographical failure.

A Cloud Phone System Provides Global Reach

As the needs of  a business, as well as their customers and employees extend beyond the physical boundaries of a single building, the importance of a communication system that can adapt to that need is essential to both scalability and security, not to mention a business’s reputation. Because cloud phone systems can seamlessly integrate with mobile devices, owners and employees alike have access to the phone system regardless of where they are, allowing for seamless productivity. The same is true for companies that have or expect to have multiple locations. 

Cloud Flexibility & Remote Workforce Presence

Planning on scaling up business? Opening a new branch and need immediate access to phone based communications? With a cloud phone system, businesses can enjoy increased adaptability without sacrificing their bottom line. This flexibility isn’t limited to phone lines, which can be added and removed as needed. It is also attributed to mobile presence by smart phone apps and features which enable a truly mobile workforce. 

Service & Phone Call Cost Savings

Cloud business phone systems negate the need for unnecessary hardware maintenance, management and advanced administration.  In turn, companies can adapt and change as necessary. This brings significant savings to those who make the switch to cloud phone services. How much can you save? That depends on a variety of factors, such as the number of lines you need. recent report by Transparency Market Research suggests the cost of phone system ownership can decrease significantly, via a cloud based . Other reports frequently suggest savings near 60% to 90%, particularly when international calling costs are factored in.

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