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The Importance Of Smart IVR For Business

The Importance Of Smart IVR For Business

Bad customer service experiences align with you for a long time and leave an unfavourable opinion of the brand, which influences your next decision, such as whether or not to connect with that brand again. This Diwali season, I experienced a similar experience when shopping for gifts online. I placed the orders much further in advance to ensure that all of the gifts arrived on time, but I still had delivery issues. I understand that it is the holiday season, and a minor delay is to be expected. 

But things got worse when I called the e-commerce's  customer service, whom I had trusted with all of my holiday gifts. I was stuck at the initial customer support IVR which couldn't connect me in the right direction to solve my issues! Brands must realise that an IVR system is designed to assist customers rather than distract from their service experience.

Small businesses currently have a long way to go in the competitive landscape, considering the strong partnership they face and the budget limits they must deal with. The single most critical thing that can help them establish a competitive advantage is seamless connection with customers. Being available and connected at all times earns you their trust and long-term connections. This is why going the extra mile and installing an IVR system makes perfect sense. Let's just go over this in detail.

Why does business need a Smart IVR system?

If you already run a business, you understand the importance of staying in touch with current and future consumers. They may want to contact you for a variety of reasons, including inquiring about product availability, checking for discounts and offers, comparing product costs, making appointments, or receiving answers to their questions.

You can expect them to call regularly, and they will expect you to be available at all times. Having a team of representatives answer their calls is one approach to handle things, but a human-dependent system might go wrong in terms of operational efficiency and availability.

CloudShope’s SMART IVR comes with the flexible features:

We at CloudShope have a group of young ambitious entrepreneurs that are on a mission to modernise the world through internet control and cloud telephony. In India, we are a leading Cloud Telephony Service Provider. We don't hire employees. Instead, we hire entrepreneurs and provide them the opportunity to learn and develop their abilities by giving everything they have to the company.

  • Call routing system which is both flexible and intelligent.

  • A user-friendly interface allows for systematic programming.

  • IVRS with multiple levels.

  • IVRS feedback

  • Store for audio.

  • Agent Sticky

  • Integrations with voicemail.

  • Call forwarding is a useful feature.

  • Extensions that can be programmed.

  • After the call, take a survey.

  • Announcement.

  • APIs are provided to allow third-party tools to be integrated.

  • Analytics in real time.

Use Cases for IVR Systems

  • Driver's assistance

  • In call centres, IVR is used.

  • IVR in the utility sector

  • IVR in the transportation industry

  • IVR in the transportation industry

  • In the disaster management helpline number, there is an interactive voice response system (IVR).

  • IVR in hotel reservations 

  • IVR in hotel reservations 

  • In banks, IVR is used.

  • In meal delivery/bookings, IVR is used.

  • In order to generate leads, IVR is used. 

  • In order to generate leads, IVR is used. 



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