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Best IVR Service Provider in Gurgaon


Best IVR Service Provider in Gurgaon

We at CloudShope Technologies are one of the Best IVR Service Providers in Gurgaon. We  provide cloud-based IVR services at the most economical pricing Since 2017 . As India's leading provider of online IVR services, we ensure that all calls are recorded in real time in our web-based call log panel. We understand that each company wants to use the IVR service according to their preferences and needs. As a result, we provide a variety of programmes based on duration.

Best IVR Service Provider in Gurgaon, IVR Service Provider, CloudShope Technologies, Gurgaon

You may deliver a more personalised experience to your customers. When they contact your business number by recording customised welcome greetings with our special
IVR Services in Gurgaon. Our IVR services in Gurgaon, will assist you in managing inbound calls. Furthermore, you will see an increase in inbound consumer conversion as a result of this. It also aids in the improved retention of clients. We manage around 5,00,000 inbound calls every month on our 1500+ active IVR Numbers. In order to preserve our position as India's leading IVR service provider, we place a premium on audio quality and call connectivity.

How IVR Services generally works in Industry

Lets have an example to understand the use of IVR Services in Industry. Anyone calling your Office Number (Virtual Number) will first hear a company welcome message (Welcome to XYZ Company Limited, We offer the particular products and services), followed by the ivr extension option:

  • Press 1 to contact the Sales Department.

  • Press 2  For the Human Resources Department.

  • Press 3 to contact the Marketing Department.

  • Press 5 For the Accounts Department.

  • Press 9 to reach customer service.

Incoming calls will be instantly routed to any mobile or land-line phone mapped to that extension. and the agent will begin chatting with the customer based on the extension option selected by the caller.

 Features Of CloudShope’s IVR Services

  • Welcome Message.

  • Language Preference.

  • Multi-level IVR Services.

  • 2 way SMS Notification.

  • Call Recordings.

  • Real-time Analysis.

  • Number Blacklisting.

  • Intelligent Call Routing

  • Multiple Call Connected at same time.

  • Multi agent login.

Benefits Of IVR Services at CloudShope Technologies

  1. There are no hardware costs.

  2. Never loss in business leads.

  3. One number for callers.

  4. Increase in brand image by callers.

  5. Distribute the same information to each caller.

Locations in Gurgaon for IVR Services

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IVR Service Provider in Model Town

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Best IVR Service Provider in Hari Nagar

IVR Service Provider in Khandsa

Top IVR Service Provider in Ratan Vihar

Contact Information:
Company Name - CloudShope Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Contact No.- 9027890278


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