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Best IVR Service Provider in India

Best IVR Service Provider in India

We have been a IVR service provider in India since 2017. We are  providing cloud-based IVR services at the most affordable rates. And, as India's leading provider of online IVR services, we ensure that all calls are registered in real time in our web-based call log panel. Cloudshope Technologies will help you set up a top-notch IVR service for your business. 

Add IVR- With an interactive voice response of the business number that allows your customers to reach the desired department via IVR voice and resolve queries immediately by Best IVR Service Provider in India.

Best IVR Service Provider in India - CloudShope

About CloudShope Technologies provided IVR Service

For businesses across countries and industries, IVR solutions enable organizations to facilitate smooth communication between all of their customers, stakeholders and team members. CloudShope Technologies is one of the Best IVR Service Provider in India. CloudShope Technologies truly believes in the power of strong and professional communication and sees how IVR works effectively. The CloudShope Technologies  IVR service is one of the fastest leading services on the market, thanks to the smart and advanced technology it has built.   

Why  CloudShope Technologies is the best choice for Best IVR service provider in India


  • CloudShope Technologies IVR service is built on industry standard data security built on unbreakable privacy and safety barriers. 

  • It also provides excellent security features such as security groups and network access control lists to ensure protection of the Best IVR Service Provider in India. 

  • Our Web Services offers several options to improve data security, including security groups, encrypted data storage and secure and personalized access.

  •  99.9% availability of your calls.

Best IVR Service Provider in India

Which Types of IVR Services do we offer?

  • Virtual Numbers

  • Custom IVR Call Flow

  • Voicemail

  • IVR Menu

  • Greeting Message

  • Conditional Forwarding

  • Call Monitoring & Recording

  • Hold Music

IVR service customized to your needs

Our customized IVR services provide all of the resources you'll need to make every customer interaction count. All of this means that when you hire IVR professionals, you'll be able to:

  • Self-service and callback in the queue

  • Based on recent transactions, predict call purpose.

  • For ease of use, Visual IVR and Text2IVR are available.

  • Adapting to the level of experience of each caller.

  • Save context across channels .

  •  Proactive support for advance  notifications and reminders.


We are more than just a solution provider Company, we also have full-service lead generation and management. As a result, we always advise clients to opt for multiple services when considering an online interactive voice solution for their company. This ensures that you can target prospect leads at any time of day using a variety of platforms.

Contact Information:

Company Name - CloudShope Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Contact No.- 9027890278



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