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Bulk SMS and Railways (How does it work?)

Bulk SMS and Railways

(How does it work?) 

Railways have been the most important part of transportation for millions of people in India. Railways is referred to as the most commonly used mode of transportation due to the low cost (budget friendly) mode of transportation that our country offers.

India with a coverage of seven union territories and twenty-nine states by its railway system is providing comfort to every traveller. We are already well-versed with the benefits and advantages of the Bulk SMS service. In future the Railways has planned to use “short service message” for the services deliveries.

  1. Booking tickets by using SMS

  • If you consider the long queue and internet ticket booking systems as tough and time taking jobs then you will be thrilled to know that the SMS service can now help you to book tickets - which is way more easier.

  • As Indian railways thrive to give an improved service to the customers and quicker access to managing the booking. E-Ticketing is one of those initiatives by the railways that provide a traveller-friendly initiative. 

  • “Quick SMS booking” by IRCTC is the ticket booking system based on SMS. This kind of service helps a great mass of people. Using this SMS service would make the booking less costly (cost-effective) and more convenient. The benefits to this service are to avoid :

  •  Long queues as the booking stall

  • Long hours of browsing the destinations over the railway system.

“SMS booking is the new era of comfort”

  1.  Issuing the E-tickets/ SMS as an alternative of paper ticket

  • Soon the printing era of tickets would end. The initiative has moved it all to files online.

  • Railway Ministry is already looking into this initiative to convert it totally to online filing.

  • Soon each traveller booking will be through SMS

  • - “SMS tickets” in place of “Paper tickets”

  1.  Service of “ Clean my coach” - by SMS

  • Ex: A passenger can request to get his/her coach cleaned by sending SMS on 58888 with a text saying “Clean my coach” with the inclusion of a PNR number

After reading this blog you might get an idea how even the government is looking into small SMS services to increase their service convenience to its customers. 

Now it's your time to look to yours and your customers/audience convenience and try out Bulk SMS today!!!!

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