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Signs that indicate that you need the Upgrade to your IVR

 - Signs that indicate that you 

need the Upgrade to your IVR

For making a cringe even an acronym's mention is sufficient. Each one of us have dealt with less than stellar interacting experiences with robotics, voice response interaction impersonally. Be it the pecking, endless detailed menus or hunting the options over the keypads - and the worst being the - failure of understanding your request by the system - this all is enough to make a calm customer loose their patience.

The reality is that whenever a customer makes a call to the call center, he/she demands (and deserves) attention and time, and if these necessary requirements are not dealt with then it may cost the company. But as IVR is considered one of the necessary evil so it is used by all the call centers. By optimizing the call routing process it can improve efficiency of any call center; by placing right agent with the right caller/customer - this being a critical part of the experiences of a customer.

IVR is a highly appreciated tool by the call centers but it is highly disliked by the callers. With improving technology and easier use the modern era call centers are changing. Have a look at all the solutions of call centers, which was always desired, "Nice to have" is one of the necessary parts of the realm of call centers. Thus instead of IVRs roasting completely - we'll discuss over the warnings that it seems to be the time for upgradation.

Losing the Customers at the Abyss of IVR 

The recipe for failures is a difficult navigation system of IVR. After the long prompts if a customer is transferred to a machine system it might cause irritation to such a point that the customer might eventually hang up and bring up these issues and inconvenience in public through social media platforms. You need to experience yourself the prompts of IVR by giving some time to it; - if it seems to you that it is taking quite a long time then work on it's improvement and try to reduce it. You are definitely due over update if the restrictions are too many at your archaic systems.

Tip: Keep monitoring and improving your IVR systems and its experiences by adding it on to the VOC.

As it's so easy to do - zeroing the process out

If you do not know about the damage then you can't fix it. On the edge of zeroing out the customers can speak to agents, it is obviously always due to certain problems/issues in the IVR. The containment rate is the basis of zeroing - out signs - the customers who wanted to speak to the agent and hence transferred or abandoned the IVR. Analytics and visibility is provided by the upgraded versions of IVR - so that you can pin point out the spot of suffering in the containment.

 Lower Morales and Fatigue experiencing agents

The importance of callers and staff in first lines are equal. You might feel unlucky that you are not able to interact with the customers directly but you get the feedbacks indirectly through the CSRs. Don't take it lightly if you are informed about customer's complaints over the IVR system/routing through your agents - propel yourself to take necessary actions by taking up the issue seriously.

It is the best source of feedback from your customers regarding your IVR systems.  Make use of these feedbacks to identify the issues and to check out if the IVR needs the upgrade.

 Lacking in the features (Critical ones)

Many new capabilities and features are available under the upgraded IVRs. So if you get the idea that "My IVR doesn't perform this function" then this is an indication that your system needs an upgrade for sure. 

Example: Predicting the reason to a customers call by capabilities of machine learning, identifying the frauds based on telephony by the capabilities related to analytics. These are among some of those critical features of the upgraded IVRs. Consider the upgradation if it is making a difference towards performance and customer experience.

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