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Transforming IVR into one of the best marketing tools by innovation


Transforming IVR into one of the best marketing tools by innovation

When someone needs to launch something to excite thoroughly the media and people. How will they make this happen?

This kind of marketing needs pitching the product in different ways to project them.


The most crucial part for all induces sales and enterprising is the “Effective marketing”. But innovation is also needed. The only way to fulfill the dream projects is “Innovation” and innovation makes your company look different.


Restriction to some old marketing technique restricts the reach of the company. As per Jeff Bulas, “marketing is 10% of what you say and 90% of how you say it”. Thus, this is the perfect time to mix marketing techniques with innovation.


When someone calls and hears a professional voice tone saying,” Welcome to our ABC company”, - that my friend is an IVR. This blog is my way of telling you how you can use your own virtual IVR to do marketing for your business.


1)    Personal brand creation


As per Rick Steinbrenner (global brand guy), there have been changes in development of new products and marketing of brand. Thus, brand marketing is still being engaged by the businesses, but it has been approached as part of the “Personal brand creation”.

Now a days, personal branding uses virtual IVRs to assist the natural promotion of companies.

·       What you can do is:

Make the number that you share on your website as your IVR number.   Add in a welcoming message for the customers which delivers your company’s brand message. The voice modulation and tone should speak up for your brand.

·       When a customer calls, this will happen:

The customer will be able to hear the brand voice. Then there will be an option setting (user friendly) to connect them to their desired segment/department.

       For example: Bakasur – a restaurant in Bangalore, customized their IVR giving it the tone of a certain monster to match it up with their restaurant’s theme. So with each call the customers hear a monster speaking! Thus, they were able to engage their customers with the theme of their restaurant and made their brand recognizable and helped their business type to advertise.


“Artists have the creativity in their grips”. Now what do you think? Can creativity have a voice a feature and can it help you differentiate the response from your customers?


2)    Generating (Beta) customer’s feedback


The source of income for an organization are its customers and thus the feedback from their side helps construct strategies for marketing. “Beta period” – An organization’s success depends on it, thus, the response from beta customers is important to be grabbed for launch of new products every time.

As you might have the email ids/contact numbers of the customers then Just do this:

·       You can generate an auto calling to their contact numbers for the registering of their feedback after each of their purchase!!

·       A survey can be conducted by customizing it to asking yes/no/open ended questions and thus the customers can pitch in the opinion about their purchases (or your services).

·       The IVR survey’s benefits include:

ü  Immediate access to results after the survey completion

ü  Resolution of company’s issues/required changes to be made based on the feedbacks



3)    SMS Marketing with IVR

To reach the prospective customers: SMS marketing is one way. It is a direct tool for marketing. SMS marketing does help companies reach large masses of customers but by using IVR service, it benefits with the customers who were not willing to be a part of a campaign for marketing.

For example:

Someone gets “Alerts texts to 2X786 for receiving (CNN) text message”. But if certain customer wants to discontinue this service now after activating some days back. Now how will he/she be able to discontinue it? Thus, now a days customers get alerts like “Dial 93xx to UNSUBSCRIBE”. This number for unsubscribing is the IVR number.

SMS marketing along with IVR helps marketers as a tool for the creation of “call to action” SMS messages – for the immediate provision of feedbacks. This thus helps:

ü  Un-Subscription of services for the customers to be an easier procedure

ü  Company’s to filter out the wrong kind of audience

ü  Company profit: Customers will be more receptive towards messages

ü  Customers will love it – as they’ll receive advertisements for the services that they want

ü  A unique projection of company’s services an business


       The one who reaches out to their customer – is the successful businessman. Thus, continuing to engage the customers and to leave a lasting impression. The innovation in strategies of marketing is the only way to success.

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