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Techniques of sales promotion of business.


Techniques of Sales Promotion:

The techniques of sales promotion used by business houses are discussed below:

1. Distribution of Samples:

Many big businessmen distribute free samples of their products to the selected people in order to popularise their products. Distribution of samples is popular in case of books, cosmetics, perfumes and other similar products. As the distribution of samples is very costly, this system is confined to those products of small value which have often repeated sales.

2. Rebate or Price-Off Offer:

In order to increase sale, many producers introduce price off offer to the customers. Under this, the product is offered at a price lower than the normal price. For example, during off season (winter), ceiling fans, coolers and refrigerators may be offered at 20 to 30% off price.

3. Partial Refund:

A firm may use the strategy of refunding a part of the price paid by the customer on the production of some proof of purchase of its product. For instance, the buyer of two cakes of a branded soap may be refunded Rs. 5 on returning the empty packages to the dealer.

4. Discount Coupons:

A discount coupon is a certificate that entitles its holder to a specified saving on the purchase of a specified product. Coupons may be issued by the manufacturers either directly by mail through sales-force or through the dealers. The coupons are also issued through newspapers and magazines. The holders of coupons can go to the retailers and get the product at a cheaper price.

The retailers are reimbursed by the manufacturer for the value of coupon redeemed and also paid a small percentage to cover handling cost. But many retailers do not patronise this method because it involves financial and accounting problems for them.

5. Packaged Premium:

Under this, the seller offers premium to the buyer by way of supplying a gift along with the product or inside the product package. Premium on sales helps the salesman to make effective presentation, stimulate sale in a particular area, lead to enlistment of new customers and have the way for introducing new brands in the market. Premiums are generally given in the case of customer convenience goods such as packed tea leaves, blades, tooth-pastes and toilet soaps.

6. Container Premium:

Several firms use container premium to push the sale of their products. For instance, Taj Mahal tea leaves, Ariel detergent powder, Bournvita, Kissan jams, etc. are made available in special containers which could be reused in kitchens after the product has been consumed. The reusable containers for packaging often have special appeal to the consumers who don’t have to pay anything extra for the product.

7. Contests:

There may be consumers’ contests, salesman’s contests and dealers’ contests. Contests for salesman and dealers are intended for inducing them to devote greater efforts or for obtaining new sales idea in the task of sales promotion.

Contests for consumers may centre around writing a slogan on the product. Such slogan centres around the questions as to the liking of a customer for the product, or formulation of new advertising idea for the product. Such contests are held through radio, T.V., newspapers, magazines, etc.

8. Public Relations:

Public relations activities strive for creating a good image of the enterprise in the eyes of the customers and the society. These activities are not aimed at immediate demand creation. It is very common that big business enterprises convey their greetings and thanks to the people through newspapers and other media.

9. Free Gift:

The customer does not get any benefit at the time of purchase, rather he gets it through mail. For this he has to send the proof of purchase (e.g., cash memo and wrapper) to the manufacturer to claim the gift which might be a diary or book or any other item. The gift is sent by the manufacturer by mail or through courier.

10. Exchange Offer:

It means exchange of an old product with the new one after payment of the exchange price fixed by the manufacturer. Such offers are very common these days in case of electric irons, TVs, refrigerators, scooters, gas stoves, washing machines, etc.

11. Product Combination or Gift:

It refers to giving a free gift on purchase of a product. Generally, the free gift is related to the product but it is not necessary. For example, Mug free with Bournvita, Toothbrush free with Toothpaste, DVD free with TV, Vacuum cleaner free Fridge, etc.

12. Instant Draws and Assured Gifts:

Some sectors offer instant draws and assured gifts to their customers when they make purchases. The scheme may be like – “Scratch a card (or burst a cracker) and instantly win a car, A.C., fridge, T.V., computer or electric iron on the purchase of a T.V.”

13. Full Finance @ 0%:

Manufacturers of durables like bikes, T.V., A.C., etc. offer easy financing schemes even at 0% rate of interest this tool of promotion misleads the customers and so should be avoided by the marketers.



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