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Manual Calling VS Autodialer - One of the greatest debate


Manual Calling VS Autodialer


Autodialer – What is autodialer? And why is it something that should be used by you?


If you are a part of a call centre business, then this technology is certainly something that you should know about. You should learn about it and get comfortable with its working as this service will provide you with unlimited benefits and will improve your call centre work performance.


It’s extremely basic to understand dialling using the autodialer. It consists of a calling unit that works automatically to dial contact numbers and then moves on to SMS or verbal messages. This kind of technology decreases the agent’s responsibilities that would have otherwise been loaded with many needless tasks and thus helping them to focus on their main work i.e. generation of leads.


Manual Calling takes a lot of time in call centres. If the agents use manual calling, then they have to spend a lot of time in:

·       Reviewing the computer terminal screen or paper record

·       In selection of the person to be called

·       Remembering the calls that were not attended in the first attempt/making a record of it and then calling them later on

·       Updating of records after each of the calls


Thus, we see that on using manual calling the agent’s focus shifts to prospects and not over the calls. This causes a negative impact on the transactions by revenue and number and leads to agent’s frustration and burns them out.



We can see that the auto dialers are outbound calling’s most effective form. The reason for it is:

·       The incorporating of double or more of the phone line

·       An algorithm on dialling that is able to anticipate the availability of the agent

·       A call processor that makes a call ready for its transfer to the available agents


With the use of autodialers the agents will be able to focus more on the calls, rather than concentrating on:

·       Manual dialling of calls

·       Waiting for the calls to get through

·       Hanging up on busy signal/answering machine


Auto dialers are an excellent example for computer telephone integration (CTI: New-Alerts). You can use:  a modem, software  > >   Can programme a computer to dial a certain list of contact numbers automatically. Depending over the sophistication of the software a computer will be able to detect if a live person is answering the call and then it will hand over the call to the human operator. It can also be programmed for:

ü playing recorded messages

ü Leaving a message over the answering machines

ü Provide menu/options to customer that answers the call


All centres will find an autodialer useful – they also have benefits beyond selling.

For other divisions of work autodialer can work as:

1.    Alerting students and parents about unexpected closures (use for school)

2.    Doctors can use it to remind their senior citizen patients about their appointments/medications

3.    Political use: dialling to thousands of the residents for the participation to the town hall telephone.


Autodialer is not just about marketing – it is about those who need to handle large number of people with less efforts.


#Check out youtube playlist over autodialer (CloudShope):







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