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Improving Relationship with customers using Click to Call (CTC)

Improving Relationship with customers using Click to Call (CTC)

Click to call is an internet-based tool that allows call centers to connect the right agents to customers quickly. Before voice options, many call centers relied on the caller’s location to connect with an agent. A customer calling from Texas may be connected to the nearest location, for example. As voice options became more ubiquitous, callers were able to select the proper department themselves by keying in options like ‘accounting’ or ‘report a problem’. However, these voice options are not always popular among customers. Instead, click to call buttons allow call centers to match calls to the agent.

ØHow does Click to Call work?

Click to call buttons are embedded on a company’s website or as an advertisement. When customers click on the button, they are directed to the call center via Voice-over-Internet Protocol (or VoIP). Skype is a great example of how VoIP can work, connecting computers and mobile devices to one another via the internet. This system bypasses the hassle of international calling. In Skype, anyone that uses the Skype interface can chat for free. It’s an easy way to connect.

Call centers can take advantage of this technology too. Unlike standard inbound calls, a call from a click-to-chat button provides clues for routing to an appropriate agent. If the button were located on a help page, the call could be diverted to customer service. If the click-to-chat button were instead installed on a billing page, the call could be diverted to accounting. The location of the buttons determines where calls are routed, simplifying the complex process of routing customers to the right agents.

ØIncorporating Click to Call for your Call Center

Many applications allow customers to place a call via a button embedded on a webpage. Hard-coding the click to call button with the proper agent extension is one way to incorporate this technology. WordPress plug-ins and other standalone software can also enable customers to click-to-dial. The key is to find a solution that can track data on each customer and sales representative. Some customer relationship management (CRM) software may offer integrations with click to call technology.

Click-to-talk buttons may also be incorporated as advertisements on major sites like Google. For example, customers may click to call a hotel using the Google Maps interface. Unlike most advertisements, which are paid for by the amount of time they are displayed, Google only charges when the button is used by a customer to place a call. Click-to-dial buttons are an easy advertising solution because businesses only must pay for the buttons when they are used by customers.

Click-to-chat is also a useful feature for sales representatives. Being able to click a button to call a customer has considerable benefits. Using click-to-dial in Salesforce, a popular customer relationship management software and web-based communication platform, allows representatives to be more efficient. To make the call, they must have the pre-call information pulled up already. Templates can also be stored on the system so that representatives can quickly reference the proper wording for a voicemail. Another benefit is that useful data like the number of attempted calls, or call duration, are automatically logged. Integration with a CRM system also enables automated reminders to call back. Both representatives and customers can connect more quickly and effectively with click to call buttons.

If a call center is primarily using internet connected software, click to call buttons can often integrate with this software. This ease (or negates) the need for a constant transition between a traditional phone line and the Internet-connected software.

ØAdapt to a Digital World

The ability to place a call with a click of a button is becoming more appealing as the number of mobile devices grows. A 2012 article predicted that there would be nearly 5 billion connected mobile devices by 2018. Customers want to be able to connect with the device they are using to browse for solutions to their problems. Online phone numbers that do not allow people to place a call can be annoying to users, who may be forced to copy-and-paste or memorize numbers. Even operating systems like Android and iOS are incorporating an easier way to dial numbers. As the number of mobile users increases, it makes sense to add click-to-talk to connect with call centers.

Click to call technology allows users to connect via VoIP to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. The placement of the button routes users to the right agent to answer their questions. Sales representatives can also take advantage of this technology when it is incorporated into the CRM system. It is easy to place a call and the pertinent information, like call duration, is automatically logged. As people continue to do more business from their mobile devices, it makes sense to incorporate click to call buttons to connect customers and agents more effectively.


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