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How Cloud communications benefit small businesses?


How Cloud communications benefit small businesses?


ü Saving Cost


Most of the small companies do not have the budget or luxury to maintain a in house IT department. If there is anything wrong with the phone system based on hardware, then that may lead money loss and long hours of repair. One of the team members would have to stop their work to inform regarding the damage and would have to arrange up for it to be fixed.


Since the phone systems are reliant on hardware and effectively on site thus it is not possible for the fix to be quick. To have the service provider to visit the working place and replacing of the hardware can an unexpected cost and even too high a price – i.e. something that a small business company will not be able to afford. By using cloud telephony: One can do changes ad repairs as per need without fees for call out.


The hardware cost can be reduced by switching into Cloud Telephony system – all that will be needed is router and the payment will be made only for the number of users. Calls between sites and offices will be completely cost free. This one point can alone save hundreds and even thousands of pounds for an organisation for an year.


ü Easier Implementation


Without the requirement for the visit to the working place or installation of any hardware to get the system repaired, the process will be easier. Thus, solutions with cloud telephony will be quicker and smarter.

Cloudshope provides the best solutions for small to large businesses. It has an excellent team to setup and implement an issue free/hassle free cloud telephony system.


ü Downtime minimum


You can be totally sure that while accessing the phone with cloud – there will be availability of maximum time. Without cloud telephony services it would be a real trouble to work while the repair goes on and even the customers will be left helpless. In case of Cloud service, the provider can get the backup and make the system work instantly.


ü Building up your reputation


For a business growth its essential to have a trusted and solid reputation in market. The good quality service delivery does increase the reputation but if the support contact system keeps crashing then the reputation can go down easily.


Cloud telephony helps to receive call from anywhere, thus giving the feature of easy access to small businesses which usually is available to larger companies. Thus, allowing you to continue to give the best services to customers.


ü Multiple location can be served at one system


Many of the businesses deals with more then single site. Thus, it meant that the company had to arrange and maintain multiple contracts and phone systems. But with Cloud telephony services one can access one system from different locations. Thus, saving both time and money. With this feature if you want to extend the business at different locations then one can simply extend the system over cloud to another area.


ü Can increase cloud telephony features (Expansion) with growth in 



Since using cloud telephony system one may add extension and in a very easy way. This way the service increases with the business. This can be helpful in case of streamlining of business.

At the end, we can say that it is more efficient than an on site system. It only takes a quick phone call/email to the service provider to increase or decrease the number of users being remotely handled.


ü Latest Technology


By getting cloud telephony services one’s contract might include automatic upgrades for the system. This means that the access of the latest technology and software will be accessible to the staff – thus no one needs to worry about the upgrading manual procedures.





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