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Five most beneficial advantages of Autodialer for the Call Centres


Five most beneficial advantages of Autodialer for the Call Centres

The outbound call center make use of multiple campaign for several processing like:

·       Lead generating cold calls

·       Nurturing and following up with inbound lead

·       Marketing research

·       Survey


 And manual calling can’t fulfil such competitive targets. The agents that choose manual calling finally end up having a talk period of 10-15 min per hour as a lot of time is wasted while doing certain unproductive repetitive tasks like:

·       Dialling the contacts manually and disposing off the calls

·       facing the situations of

                          i.          busy signal/calls

                         ii.          answering machine

                       iii.          disconnected call


Thus, autodialer is commercially and operationally viable and efficient for call centers as it boosts up the agent’s productivity rate by 200-300% by:

·       Increasing proportionality of the talk time (per hour)

·       Reducing the wastage of time (idle time)


For different outbound dialling processing there is an availability of different types of autodialers, thus bringing about individual benefit for the operations at call center.

For example:


1)   Predictive Dialers: They help call centers in reducing the idle time of agents to a greater extend

2)   Progressive Dialers: They can improve the agent productivity manifold by increasing the talk time for agents

3)   Preview Dialers: It helps to enable the call centers to improve over the conversion rates of its complex inside processing for sales


Benefits of Autodialer over the manual dialing process:

ü Improvement in operational efficiencies:


Use of autodialer means: No manual dailing process. Autodialling helps in the elimination of many call constraint like:

A.  Excessive wait time

B.  Call drop

C. Misdialling


Autodialer ensures that the call connected are the only ones to be transferred to the agents, as they are able to defect busy lines/signals, non-serviceable number and voice mails – thus remarkably increasing the ration of call connect. More connected call result in improvement in operational effectivity and productivity of higher agents.


ü Reducing the idle time:


Since in manual calling the agents have to wait till a call gets connected thus it leads to a higher idle time for the agents. For every manual call an agent wastes time over:

A.  Answering machine

B.  Facing of disconnected call

C. Listening to the busy tone


The dialer system is enabled by autodialer to recognize such elements and skip the calls where any of these time consuming signals get identified. Predictive autodialers are very effective for minimizing the idle time since it makes sure that only the call that get answered are routed to agents. Thus, allowing them for attending more calls (per hour) and save their time


ü Increase in the talk time of agents:


It is one of the most important advantages of the auto dialling software. With improved ratio of connected calls and decrease in the idle time – the agents are able to focus on more time usage on calls with the customers. This can increase the talk time rate from 15-20min (per hour) to a limit of 40-50 min(per hour).Progressive dialers are the dialling software that increase the leading to better quality customers, their engagement and high productivity and morale.


ü Better ratio in lead conversions:


When the use of an intelligent and efficient autodialer is taken for a inside sales processing which are complex and involve the high value lead – bringing the agility to Outbound call processes. The autodialers like the preview dialer:

A.  provide quick snapshots of contact details of the customers before dialling calls

B.  Helping the agent in preparation before the calls are connected

C. If prior information is at disposal for agents, then:

                                              i.          He/she can drive personalized conversations

                                            ii.          Helps in engaging the prospects

                                          iii.          Creates an increase in significant chance of lead conversions


ü Real time reporting and monitoring:


Autodialer system helps to provide insight in operations of the call centers and activity of agents through dashboards and customized reports. Real time dashboard create improvement in the decision making of call center managers and helps in taking quick action in improving the identification of the problems in real time.

 #Check out youtube playlist over autodialer (CloudShope):



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