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Bridge your communication gap using Call Conferencing !!!

Bridge your communication gap using Call Conferencing !!!

August 26, 2020

Effective communication leads to successful businesses. To increase productivity and keep various

stakeholders informed, business communication plays a very important role. As globalization around

the world has made it easy for businesses to expand to new markets, the need for a strong

communication system is at its peak.
Call conferencing is one such tool, which has multiple benefits and helps bridge the communication

gap for businesses. Call conferencing creates a platform for your firm to enhance business

communication both internally and externally, with all your stakeholders, by allowing you to always

be virtually present, no matter where you are. Creating effective communication is a struggle within

itself, but distance and a large organization with an ever-growing customer base, just adds to it.

What is Call Conferencing?

Call conferencing allows organizations to stay connected in an effortless and cost-efficient manner.

Several people can be connected at the same time through a common number. This facilitates

communication beyond geographical barriers and saves added cost of travel and stay. Businesses

nowadays are willing to go that extra mile and therefore, adopt new technologies to achieve effective

communication in real-time.

Cloud Telephony and Call Conferencing:

Businesses are now choosing to use a  cloud platform to enable faster communication in real-time and

offer 100% customer satisfaction. Most Cloud telephony providers offer Call Conference options

through third-party plugins or provide it as a widget option in the IVR dashboard.

Call conferencing helps resolve queries faster by looping in domain experts on the same call. This

enables a multi-way conversation between various stakeholders at the same time and increases the

chances of first call resolution. It is a great asset when decisions need to be made with a quick

turnaround time. Call conference allows 3 to 3000 people to communicate at any given time. For

instance, it could be a small meeting between a customer care agent, manager, and a customer or it

could connect a large number of people for faster information exchange.

If Call conferencing has major benefits, the underlying Cloud platform supports this feature by

enabling seamless communication between stakeholders in real-time.

Take a look at the benefits of Call Conferencing before you opt for the services.

Benefits of Call Conference

  1. Easy to use

Setting up a conference call is super easy and it can be achieved at great speed. For important meetings,

as many as 3000 people can join a single call. This speeds up the process of information sharing since

it happens at the same time in the presence of multiple stakeholders. Conference calls do not require

much set-up thus, making it easy-to-use. Call conferencing also makes it possible for users to join the

conversation through landline or via mobile making it one of the versatile options to achieve business


  1. Cost Effective

Call conferencing is a great way to minimize travel costs. Most of the conference call providers offer a

pay-as-you-use model and some offer a flat rate. The need to travel can be prioritized according to

business demands and the remaining can be completed using the call conference option and dialing to

a single number that connects all stakeholders through a single platform.

Frequent business travel can lead to additional costs related to travel and accommodation costs and by

using call conferencing some major costs can be cut down making it the most cost-effective solution.

  1. Remote Working

All conference calls need a working telephone and internet connection. Call conferencing can

break geographical barriers and allow end users to join the call no matter where they live or

where they are working. It can even enhance employee productivity since it cuts down on travel

time and thus, helps employees avoid traffic woes. This directly impacts their productivity. 

  1. Reliable and secure

Since most calls are hosted on the cloud, the providers offer a reliable platform with good call quality

services. ConferenceThe conference can be accessed round the clock and from across the globe without

any loss of communication.

The Cloud telephony providers ensure that conference calls are extremely secure by providing a 4-digit

PIN to users who are supposed to join the call. This adds an additional level of protection, thus,

blocking out other users and providing the organizer complete control over the number of people who

can join the call.

  1. Business personalization

Though emails are a great way of communication it does not add the personalized touch that is required

while handling business communication. The wait time or the reply time can be reduced too, since you

can bring all the decision makers under one single platform helping businesses to make quick decisions

and cutting out lengthy processes.

Through the 4-digit PIN, businesses can be assured that the platform is secure. Most of the conference

providers also provide the option of muting one or more participants. Conference calls give the agent

complete control of how many people need the information to be heard and thus provide a private and

secure communication even during a live call which is not possible through other means like emails.

  1. Real Time Data

Cloud telephony providers who offer call conferencing options first of all host it on a secure platform

which eliminates the leak of important confidential information. They also provide call recordings that

can be archived and also downloaded to provide the recordings to any participants who might have

missed joining the call thus keeping the whole business team updated about latest developments. These

recordings can be further used for future client interactions, to train teams, etc. Cloud telephony

providers also give detailed data about the number of people who joined the call thereby giving a

complete overview of the outcome of the call.

Call conferencing can not only be used for communication purposes, but it can also be used to connect

when multiple teams are involved and help them resolve issues at a faster pace.

For example, if you are in the logistics business, at any given time there will be multiple teams involved

who handle the delivery of a given package at the right time. If there is an issue arises, the teams can

easily intervene to understand the root cause of the problem and help resolve the issue faster without

the customer being affected.

This helps to achieve faster coordination thus, resulting in superior customer experience. In spite of the

intervention, if the issue is not resolved, businesses can contact the customer and explain the actual

reason for the delay or cancellation of the item ordered thus showing customers that you as a business

prioritize customer satisfaction as the core of your business.


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