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CloudShope vs My Operator-Call Centre solutions

CloudShope and My Operator include both of the solutions from the call center and it helps companies to reduce their cost by outsourcing this service.

CloudShope has different features and helps people in the call center service but my operator is no different and gives a nice edge over the competition to CloudShope.

So, for a better understanding of the features, I am writing this blog but before that let us understand why this Call-Centre solution is necessary and important.

Call Conferencing
Call conferencing

Call Centre solution helps the entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Small Scale Industries and sometimes even with Large Scale industries also takes advantage of this system.

Call Centre Solution is a service which can be used to manage and outsource Customer handling and giving support to the user who has some query.

CloudShope and My Operator provide the service which helps the user to control all the actions.
CloudShope provides more features as compared to My operator.

CloudShope uses the Standard features also like PSTN, VOIP, etc. for the better performance and also compliant with the regulatory rules.

The services provided by the CloudShope are not only incall center solution but also provides services like IVR, Missed call solution, etc.

Before the differences between both of the organization let’s check out the table of differences between both of the organization's features.

My Operator
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/Multi-level IVR
Read here…
Skill Based Call Routing
Read here…
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CRM Integration
Read here…
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Report / Analytics
Read here…
Live panel/Dashboard
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Real-Time notification
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Time – Based Routing
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Customized Plans
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These are the service provided by both of the organizations but what are these services?

Let us understand the difference between both of the organization features.

Hosted IVR/Multi-level IVR

It is a service provided by both of the organization and simply means to have interaction just after calls get picked up and Interactive virtual receptionist starts to interact and also get’s the response from the keypad for example if someone wants to go to company support he/she can press 9 from the keypad or if someone wants some warrant information about the product he/she can press 6 etc.

Functions like this help the user to interact and directly find the solutions.
This Feature is available by both of the organizations.

Skill Based Call routing

Call Routing simply means to route the call from one extension to another extension by giving the option to the user but skill-based call routing means to redirect the User using IVR by getting information on things and then helping the user to reach to the accurate agent in which he or she is need of.

For Example, A person ABC calls to the organization, XYZ and XYZ is a computer-related organization. So When ABC contacts so now he an act to the skill or the problem which he is facing and Skill-Based automatically redirects to the agent by selecting the agent which is more useful and can help ABC in a better way by this function of call routing it is better for the user and also better for the company’s management.

This is only available with CloudShope.

Business number/Toll -free number

Business number or toll-free the number means to have a special assigned number for the call center solution which can be used by the user to call anytime and it also gives a better image of the organization.

This is available in both of the organizations.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration means to integrate the API given by the CloudShope or My Operator.
The API which is provided is needed to be synced with both of the servers and the data is needed to be entered and this will help the user to see the data and manage it flawlessly.
CRM integration is an important yet useful features for organizations.


A recording is a feature that is there to check and ensure the customer interaction between both the user and support.

This feature also helps the user to learn about more often occurring issues that are coming and can learn and improve those problems in the future.

This feature is available by both organizations.


Report or analytics is the same feature provided by both of the organization and it helps the user to view and check the graphs of the call getting connected, average time spans where are the land landing the most like in support of technical issues or buying new products, etc.

The report is a unique section and it helps to check out the solution between the problems and the solution by the user.

Live panel/Dashboard

Live Panel or Dashboard means to have a special account dedicated to your services from where you can use the services including Call Centre Solution, IVR, Toll-Free services, etc.

Time – Based Routing

Time – Based call routing is a filter that can set the call routing according to time in which a service is open and when the services are closed.

You can set the call routes accordingly and can be decided from the dashboard.

Customized Plans

Customized Plans are available in both of the organization where one can customize the 
things which are needed and which are not needed accordingly by the users.

Customized Plans helps the user to understand the things which are needed by the users and which are not needed by the users.

24*7 Support

Support is given by both of the organizations for the problems regarding the dashboard of there is some problem in the service which helps the user to trust the organizations more.
Support is even not given by a lot of organizations but is provided by the CloudShope and My operator.


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