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Bulk Voice Call - On extension Lead,SMS,WhatsApp

Bulk voice call has an extension feature where one can extend the voice call by pressing any number which is set by the user and giving the user the information which is needed.

For example:- A person call XYZ Pvt. Ltd. For the support but XYZ Pvt. Ltd. has a 4 major products like laptops, printers, monitors and accessories and person call to the number so now the person has an option to choose the number which is an extension and set for the specific operation he will be selecting the problem which he is facing or may there could be called which can come from the organization regarding the feedback.

This was an example given for a better understanding of the solution for Bulk voice call extension.
Extension basically is a specific number assigned for specific functions for the better managing the calls.

Bulk voice call extension also has a feature known as extension SMS it is a different feature from other organizations so what is it

Extension on SMS is an extension feature where you can receive a message set according to you which will be sent after the extension message and answered is played.

Use case

Political parties use this service a lot by advertising themselves and asking people to press extension for some activity to be done by the political party.

Customer service also uses the extension feature a lot since it helps in taking feedback from the          caller on some service information which helps in the taking surveys or even calling a lot of people for a bulk voice call.

How to use

Go to our website:- now go to login section log in from the user id and password which is been given by the organization.

From there go to the section of Bulk Voice Call and you can add an extension from presets but you also edit and customize your responses.



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