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CloudShope Vs Exotel IVR solution

IVR stands as interactive voice receptionist or interactive virtual receptionist.
IVR cloudshope vs exotel
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 

IVR is a technology which includes a pre-recorded voice and is played every time gets played when someone calls to the specific assigned the number and also in IVR the answer gets recorded which you get from the response of a keypad from the phone and can be done by the user.

IVR consists of a lot of features like getting multi-level, sticky agent etc.

It can handle a lot of calls in a fraction of seconds.

It is useful since it uses the organizations for giving the user better customer service for their product and service and helps in the taking of feedback from the users and also helping in the surveys.

But what makes is different between both of the companies since they both provide the same solutions in IVR.

There are some features which are common between both of the organizations but CloudShope has more benefits.

So for the better understanding of the IVR solutions I have made a table in which there is a difference between both organizations features.

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Multi-Level IVR
API Integration
Real Time Notification
Sticky Agent
Call Routing
Integrated CRM
Caller Limit
Using Own number
Click to Call
Dynamic greeting
Hold Tone

       1.      Multi-Level IVR

Multi-Level IVR is a type of IVR which can handle a lot of IVR’s from the first IVR.
When companies have a lot of options which are needed then multi-level IVR is needed and it helps in the faster support of the system.

      2.      API Integration

API Integration means to have an interface between the organization's server to the dashboard of the user who can have an API integrated into the information which includes the information related to the Functioning.

      3.      Real-Time Notification

Real-time notification is a feature in CloudShope this feature gives the information to the user it gives a notification with call misses and every business call which is needed.

      4.      Sticky Agent

Sticky Agent simply means to stick to that the agent only from whom you have been talking with.
It is a brilliant feature since it helps to solve the queries much faster.

It is a CloudShope exclusive feature.

      5.      Call Routing

Call Routing is a method in which a call gets routed according to the ways like Round-Robin, sequential or in a parallel manner.

Call Routing is a CloudShope Exclusive feature.

      6.      Integrated CRM

CRM is Included in the IVR service which means that you can control the customer relationship management from our database from the dashboard.

It is used to provide more engaging service to the clients.

This feature is only available with the CloudShope.

      7.      Extension

Extensions mean to forward the calls to various destinations that mean that if someone gives a call to the user to IVR Can also, connect to their toll-free service.

The extension is an exclusive feature of CloudShope.

      8.      Blacklisting

Blacklisting is a privacy feature and can helps in the creating of the unwanted phone number list which are spam and is to prevent to call them to the IVR.

      9.      Reporting

Reporting is a feature where we check the reports and the information regarding the statistics for the analysis of the information.

It is a common feature between both of the organization.

      10.   Caller Limit

Caller Limit means to Limit the calls and also prioritizing the calls which are urgent and which are not.

Caller Limit also works as a filter in the dashboard.

For Example- E-commerce website usually prioritize some customers by assigning some badges.

This is a feature of Cloudshope.

      11.   Using Own number

This simply means to use your own number in which you can activate the IVR and it can be just activated in 60 seconds.

You can change the number anytime.

It is a CloudShope Exclusive feature.

      12.   Click to Call

Click to Call simply means that you can call the person directly from the Dashboard.

CloudShope is having this feature and is exclusive to it.

      13.   Dynamic greeting

A dynamic greeting can be Decided by the user and is pre-defined.

It can include some questions which do you want to tell the customers or anything which are needed to be said.

It can be greeted in any language which is desired and is played accordingly.

It is a CloudShope Feature.

      14.   Hold Tone

You can customize your on hold tune according to your business requirements.

Putting a caller on hold is “an opportunity for you to inform callers about special offers or upcoming events.

Make callers aware of your brand with a customized IVR.

Welcome them with your brand name, whenever they make a call.

Hold Tone is a feature which improves the brand Image overall.


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